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Leaky Exhaust Vents – The 500-lb Gorilla of Condensation Problems

Exhaust vents are the proverbial 500-lb gorilla in the room.

By Phil Dregger – PE, Technical Roof Services.

Many factors contribute to excessive condensation in low slope membrane roof systems installed over wood decks with insulation below; high interior relative humidity (RH), high roof reflectance[1], and especially air intrusion[2].  One contributor – the impact of warm humid air leaking out the ends of improperly terminated exhaust vents – is like the proverbial 500-lb gorilla.  We are keenly aware he is in the “reroof” room with us but have done a pretty good job of ignoring him.  When this big guy creates a problem, however, roof professionals are often asked to explain why they did not “correct” the improper exhaust vent termination conditions before installing new flashing assemblies over them.

This article will explain why complete discharge of exhaust air – especially gas combustion products – is so important, will review code requirements for termination of exhaust vents, identify tell-tale signs of existing condensation problems, and will offer ways to avoid exhaust vent-related condensation problems.

Although broken or disconnected exhaust vents can pose an even more serious problem, this article will focus on how improper termination of exhaust vents can contribute to excessive condensation in low-slope membrane roofs.  All photos in this article are courtesy of DNG Group Companies – Technical Roof Services and Pacific Building Consultants – and show projects located in California in ASHRAE Climate Zone 3.

Log in to read more at the WSRCA website. Not a member? Learn more about joining here.

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OMG RhinoBond System Recognized in Spain for Construction Excellence

The RhinoBond System was recognized as one of Europe’s most advanced methods of securing single-ply membranes (TPO and PVC).

AGAWAM, Massachusetts – The RhinoBond System and Etanco, OMG distribution partner in Spain, have been awarded a prestigious 2017 NAN Architecture and Construction Prize at a ceremony in Barcelona, Spain on November 30.

Based on Etanco’s excellent work in Spain, the RhinoBond System was recognized as one of Europe’s most advanced methods of securing single-ply membranes (TPO and PVC). Etanco has used RhinoBond on more than fifty projects representing more than 250,000 m2 (2.7 million square feet) of installed single-ply membrane. Based in Madrid, Spain, Etanco has been a partner with OMG Roofing Products since 2015.

“This is not only a superb award for the RhinoBond System,” said Web Shaffer, vice president of marketing for OMG Roofing Products, “but more importantly it recognizes the great work that Etanco has done with RhinoBond in Spain. We are very pleased with our partnership and with the great work Etanco does.”

The magazine NAN Arquitectura y Construcción and its publishing company, Grupo TPI, award prizes in both project and construction material categories. Material awards are provided in several categories, including for companies which have excelled in R & D, innovation, quality and design of the materials they manufacture, market, distribute or install in works and reforms. Exceptionality and efforts, practices and initiatives for the care of the environment and energy saving will be valued.

The RhinoBond System is designed for use with TPO and PVC roofing membranes. The System uses advanced induction welding technology to bond roofing membranes directly to specially coated plates that secure the insulation to the deck. The result is a roofing system with improved wind performance that requires fewer fasteners, plates, and seams, and zero penetrations of the new membrane.

About OMG Roofing Products: Headquartered in Agawam, Massachusetts, OMG Roofing Products is a leading manufacturer of commercial roofing products featuring specialty fasteners, insulation adhesives, drains, pipe supports, productivity tools and edge metal systems. The company’s focus is delivering products and services that improve contractor productivity and enhance roof system performance. For additional information, please contact your local OMG field sales representative, OMG Customer Service at 800.633.3800, or visit OMGRoofing.com.

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Building Science FAQ — Ep. 1

How Strong is a Thermoplastic Weld?

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Building Science FAQ series.

This new video series from GAF will explore some of the technical questions that crop up when specifying a low-slope roof. In this episode, Tom Taylor PhD, Executive Director Research and Development for GAF, and James Willits, GAF Building and Roofing Science Specialist, head to the R&D lab to find out exactly how strong a thermoplastic weld is, and how that affects the roof system.



Best Welding Practices: Ensuring Good TPO Welds

What are the Best Attachment Options for PVC and TPO Membranes?

How is the Weld Strength of TPO Tested?


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Meet Bill Chambers of Chambers Roofing – Winner of National Nail’s STINGER CH-38-2 Cap Hammer

This winner was actually using his STINGER CH-38-2 Cap Hammer when I called to talk with him.

By Karen Edwards, RCS Editor.

At RoofersCoffeeShop.com, we love to meet our contractors. My conversation today was with Bill Chambers of Chambers Roofing in Pennsylvania. Bill was the winner of a STINGER CH-38 from National Nail this month on the Coffee Shop.

Bill has owned Chambers Roofing for 43 years after taking over the family business from his father. He was roofing long before that, as he grew up in the business with his Dad. I asked Bill if any family members were in the business with him but he told me the natural gas industry took them all away because it pays much better than he does. (The Marcellus Shale formation is located under Pennsylvania and the recent introduction of fracking to extract natural gas has brought high-paying jobs to rural areas).

Chambers Roofing has a team of anywhere from four to six men, but even after 43-plus years, Bill is still the main shingler on the crew. “I’ve got no thoughts of retiring,” said Bill. “I’ll keep doing it until I can’t anymore. Even after I can’t I will still show up at the job site. It keeps me alive.”

When asked how he likes the STINGER CH-38, he told me that when I called him to find a time that we could talk, he was actually using it. He said there was a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to load it, but once he got past that, he really likes the tool.

Bill has been a part of the RoofersCoffeeShop.com community since it started. He said he likes seeing what people are talking about on the forum and he uses the site to see what’s new in the industry – especially tools. “I am always looking for what’s new when it comes to tools,” he said.

Winter is coming in Pennsylvania and Bill said he is getting ready to shut down for the winter. I imagined that Bill would pack up and head south for warmer weather but he said that he spends the time in his shop fixing all the tools, trucks and equipment that broke during the roofing season.

Congratulations to Bill on his win! To celebrate their recent 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Award, National Nail has extended their weekly giveaway of a FREE STINGER CH38-2 Cap Hammer. Enter to win yours today.

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Recording Extended-time Injuries with the OSHA 300A Form

The posting of the OSHA 300A Form starts February 1 through April 30.

By: Rob Foote, Roofing Risk Advisors, LLC.

You will need to post the previous year (2017). To make sure you are on track with recording your injuries please view the guidelines below.

If an employee is away, restricted or transferred for an extended period of time, follow these guidelines for completing the OSHA 300 form:

  • Enter an estimate of the days the employee will be away.
  • Begin counting days on the day after the injury occurred or the illness began, and update this number when you know the actual number of days.
  • The count of days away from work ends on the date the physician or other licensed health care professional recommends that the employee return to work, whether or not the employee returns earlier or later than that date.
  • When there is no physician recommendation, enter the actual number of days the employee is off work.
  • Include weekend days, holidays, vacation days or other days off in the number of days recorded if the employee would not have been able to work on those days due to a work-related injury or illness.
  • When the number of calendar days away from work or days of job transfer or restriction is greater than 180, enter 180 in the “Total Days Away” column.
  • If an employee leaves the company for a reason unrelated to the injury or illness, stop counting days away from work or restriction/job transfer.
  • If an employee leaves the company because of the injury or illness, estimate the total number of days away or days of restriction/job transfer and enter that estimate.
  • Log the number of days away only on the 300 Log for the year in which the incident occurred.
  • If the employee is still away from work because of the injury or illness when you prepare the annual summary, estimate the total number of calendar days you expect the employee to be away from work, use this number to calculate the total for the annual summary and then update the initial log entry later when the day count is known or reaches the 180-day cap.
  • Never split the number of days between years and enter two amounts for two different years. Only record each injury or illness once.

Contact Roofing Risk Advisors, a division of Frank H. Furman, Inc., for more information.

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Atlas collaborates with 3M to launch the Scotchgard Protector Sales Specialist Training Program

The 3M sales training program gives contractors the insight they need to sell premium roof shingles with Scotchgard Protector.

By Daris Brown, Writer for 3M.

Neighborhoods nationwide are plagued by ugly black streaks caused by algae. Created in darkness and fueled by moisture, algae spores can form on one home and quickly be blown to a neighbor’s roof by a stiff wind. The real problem is that most homeowners are none the wiser.

Homeowners often mistake algae for dirt, but algae is a living, growing organism that spreads under certain conditions. With the assistance of a trained professional, homeowners don’t have to live under a roof covered in algae. Contractors now have a brand-new sales tool to help them win over customers: the newly released 3M sales training program for Scotchgard Protector Sales Specialists.

Get with the Program
The 3M sales training program gives contractors the insight they need to sell premium roof shingles with Scotchgard Protector.

“Contractors are a homeowner’s direct line to learning about roofing solutions for their home,” said Stan Bastek, director of marketing at Atlas Roofing. “Our contractors are always looking for a way to differentiate themselves, and we at Atlas are excited to help 3M launch this new program. The Scotchgard Protector Sales Specialist training program will provide our contractors with the selling tools they need to be successful while building their credibility with homeowners.”

The program includes a series of four flexible e-learning modules in which 3M’s experts explain the origins of black streaks in roofing, how algae thrive and the science behind copper ions, the basis of algae-resistance technology. Participants also learn how to identify the black streaks caused by algae and how they differ from other roofing issues.

An important part of the program is the initial call with an Atlas sales manager and Atlas’ ongoing support for and communication with contractors.

The Scotchgard Protector Sales Specialist training program provides guidelines to best practices for customer communication and value-solution selling. Real-world scenarios help reinforce the training and give contractors the techniques they need to offer homeowners a solution to the ugly black streaks caused by algae.

Sales Support Tools
Contractors who complete the program receive a sales package from 3M to help them grow their business by demonstrating the value of shingles designed with Scotchgard Protector. The package includes:

  • Scotchgard Protector Shingle Sales Specialist designation
  • Homeowner sales video
  • Scotchgard Protector sales piece

Contractors on Board
Contractors find the program efficient and helpful for their sales calls.

“After a quick sales training, I was ready to talk with homeowners about how to solve their problem with black streaks caused by algae,” said Josh Thompson of Storm Doctors Inc. in Peachtree City, GA.

Confidence in Atlas is a big part of why roofing contractors are participating.

Roger Worley of Roger Worley Jr. Construction in Franklinville, NJ, said he’s “proud to be associated with national brands like Atlas and 3M. The partnership of these two companies to use Scotchgard Protector is very beneficial to my homeowners. I am confident in recommending these shingles because I know that Atlas and 3M stand behind their products.”

The technical information is what stood out for Shane LeBlanc of Ducote Roofing and Construction in Maurice, LA.

“I have been doing roofing for 15 years and I didn’t know that the granule distribution was so important to the lifetime of the actual roof color,” he said. “Through a simple video provided by 3M, I can show my customers our roof systems are truly the best. I have always loved installing Atlas shingles. This is a great way to boost sales and look better than my competitors.”

The ultimate goal is to be able to show customers why Atlas shingles with Scotchgard Protector would be the right choice for their home.

“As contractors,” said Chuck Miller of A&C Windows and Roofing in Somers Point, NJ, “we know the value of shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector, but now we can easily show homeowners the value, too.”

Curb Appeal. That’s the Power of Scotchgard Protector.
A roof can make up 50 percent of a home’s exterior and is a key factor in its curb appeal. Black streaks on shingles can hurt the overall appearance of the house. Atlas algae-resistant shingles with Scotchgard Protector help maintain the roof’s appearance and preserve the home’s value for years.

How to Sign Up
Stand out from the competition by offering a brand homeowners trust. The Scotchgard Protector Sales Specialist training program is now available nationwide. For more information on how you can become a Scotchgard Protector Shingle Sales Specialist, contact your Atlas sales representative or visit www.AtlasRoofing.com/Pro.

Learn more about 3M granules here.

Editor’s note: This article first appeared on the Atlas’ Asphalt Life blog and can be viewed here.

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A Successful Recruiting Strategy Starts on the Inside

RCS Influencer Trent Cotney says that recruiting should start with your existing employees.

We have used recruiters to find the right employees but have found that our existing employees are the most valuable assets for recruiting. We’ve instituted a bonus program that rewards employees who find qualified recruits.

While it’s great to find the right recruit to bring on board, it’s even more important to retain the employees that you have along with those new ones who are joining the team. In order to do that, we are very focused on the culture of our organization and the happiness of our employees comes first because retention is so much more important than growth.

Just as your business has a strong focus on providing the best service for your customers, it’s equally as important that you apply that same service mindset to your employees in terms of addressing concerns quickly and efficiently. By following this practice, you will create an environment for your employees that is appealing, enriching, nurturing and makes them want to stay.

Having a happy, engaged workforce is better for your overall business as well. A Harvard Business Review article cited recent studies that showed that unhappy employees had 37 percent higher absenteeism, 49 percent more accidents and made 60 percent more errors. By having strong internal customer service practices in place, you create an environment where employees are content, enjoy their career and are happy enough where they would ask a friend or colleague to consider joining the company.

Trent Cotney is the founder of Trent Cotney, P.A. Construction Law Group, specializing in construction law. See Trent’s full bio here.

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Does GOOD service = TRUST to you?

Tools are critical to your business and you want trust that those who sell and service your equipment truly understand it.

By Shari Carlozzi, Hapco, Inc.

Buying tools, especially roofing tools isn’t something you do every day…and tools are part of your business… your livelihood, so you need to make those dollars count! And let’s face it, you don’t want to make that buying decision until it is absolutely necessary…translated: “I need it tomorrow!”

Truth be told, I have a few not-so-smart decisions made out of haste than I care to remember, and an investment into your business (especially if you have a partner) is potentially dangerous IF you don’t know the people you are working with.

It’s great to have buying power with a retail roofing supply company, but equipment knowledge is not their expertise, so the people you trust need people they trust…and if you are going it alone, YOU really need to trust your roofing equipment distributor!

Did you know that many of those people have never seen the working side of a roof? It’s true! Our team has provided heat welding training for our competitors and we are constantly amazed at the fact that many of those inexperienced equipment people have been selling roofing equipment for years!

I’ve been in this industry for 10 years, and as a woman, I can’t tell you how many of my industry colleagues and competitors are amazed that I, one – have this knowledge, and two – use that knowledge every day to help roofing contractors solve problems on the roof! And it’s not just me, it’s our entire roofing team at Hapco… it is the SERVICE we provide every day!

This is our culture: helping people by providing common sense solutions to everyday roofing issues. If your roofing equipment manufacturer doesn’t know HOW their tools work or WHY their tools are better than their competition through practical application, what does that say about their SERVICE to you? Are they really worthy of YOUR trust?

Learn more about the Hapco team and the solutions they offer.

Shari Carlozzi is the national sales manager for Hapco, Inc.

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Learn How to Win the Claim Game and Earn CEU Credits at the Same Time

RCAT’s Houston chapter is hosting this CEU-approved seminar for contractors on January 9.

LP Loss Consulting is presenting this day-long seminar to help contractors overcome unreasonable and uncooperative carriers and their adjusters. Learn how to maximize legitimate profits with the right tools, products and services.

The session will train contractors how to help their clients get all of the money that is legitimately do to them so they can pay you to perform all the repairs needed on their home or building.

Register to attend this seminar presented by LP Loss Consulting

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All Roads Lead To Atlas in the 2018 Roadshow

Atlas Roofing Announces Its 2018 Roadshow — And Truck Giveaway!

ATLANTA, GA — Atlas Roofing is excited to announce the launch of its 2018 Asphalt Life Roadshow season, which kicks off Jan. 17 in Omaha, NE, and travels to nine major cities across the country, along with 15 mini events in targeted markets.

Highlights of this year’s Roadshow, themed “All Roads Lead To Atlas,” include our newest product innovation – shingles built with HP42” Technology. Come to the show and learn how HP42” Technology saves contractors time and money, and makes installation more efficient.  In addition, learn about the difference Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector can make for your close rate, margins, and differentiation in the market.

“We’re excited to meet new contractors and show them how they can outshine their competition and close more sales with our great products and marketing partnerships,” says Stan Bastek, Director of Marketing and Sales Development for Atlas Roofing. “Come on out and experience one of our Roadshows for yourself!”

Roadshow events also feature these breakout sessions:

  • GreenSky® Financing
  • Handling Nature’s Worst – Hail/Wind
  • Boost Your Website and Social Media Presence

In true Asphalt Life fashion, Atlas is giving away more than $5,000 worth of prizes – such as Yeti coolers, nail guns, Costa sunglasses, HD action cameras, Apple watches and Duckett rod and reel combos – at each event.

To top it off, Atlas Roofing is hosting a yearlong contest with a 1951 Chevrolet 3100 pickup truck as the grand prize. This classic beauty is painted in factory Swift Red and features a five-window cab, whitewall tires with a side-mount spare, all of the optional chrome and stainless trim, and a solid steel frame — and its fully rebuilt engine purrs like new.

The contest, which is open exclusively to Atlas Pro™ Plus contractors, begins Feb. 6 at the International Roofing Expo (IRE) in New Orleans, LA, and continues throughout 2018. To qualify for a chance to win the truck, Atlas Pro™ Plus contractors will earn points through a variety of ways including utilizing the tools available through the Atlas Pro™ Plus control panel and installing Atlas Signature Select Roofing Systems. As part of the promotion, 10 contractors will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the 2019 IRE in Nashville, TN, where one lucky winner will drive off in style in the Asphalt Life truck.

Confirmed cities for the 2018 Asphalt Life Roadshow are:

  • Omaha, NE
  • Dallas, TX
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • New York City, NY
  • Denver, CO
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Memphis, TN
  • Orlando, FL

Dates and additional cities will be announced soon.

For the most up-to-date information and to register for Atlas Roofing’s 2018 Asphalt Life Roadshow, visit AtlasRoofing.com/Roadshow. To learn more about the Atlas Pro™ Plus program, visit AtlasRoofing.com/Pro.

About Atlas Roofing
Atlas Roofing Corporation is an innovative, customer-oriented manufacturer of residential and commercial building materials. Atlas has grown from a single roofing shingle manufacturing facility into an industry leader with 24 facilities across North America. For more information, visit AtlasRoofing.com. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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