Costly Roof Repairs, How do I spot them before I buy.


The roof featured above, is it in good shape, poor shape, need of repairs? Is it leaking? Does it need to be replace? All these questions you should be asking yourself when thinking of purchasing a home? The roof is one of the most important parts of your home, since it covers the whole house and everything inside.

Grant Findley

Director of Findley Roofing

Today we have a guest blogger from Findley Roofing. They do many roofs in the Tyne, Wear and Newcastle area in North East UK. Grant Findley the director of Findley Roofing and his family have been servicing Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham for about 30 years and are experts in the roofing industry.

To our readers I give you Grant Findley. . . . .

How to spot costly roof repairs before you buy?

When buying a home most of us push our finances to breaking point, moving home is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. It is the largest financial outlay we make and hence its natural to stretch ourselves and get the best home we can find for our family.
What happens if the home you buy has undiscovered issues which require costly repair work? Essential repairs can spell disaster for many new home owners. Especially as their savings have normally been exhausted to satisfy the huge deposit demands of their mortgage lender.
With no money in the bank how do you pay a tradesman to carry out the work, yet without the work being carried out the problem could manifest.
How to avoid this unfortunate circumstance
* Pay for a professional building survey by an RICS surveyor
* Educate yourself on the common issues and how to spot them
As the Director of Findley Roofing I’m qualified to advise you on spotting the obvious signs that the roof may need a professional inspection before you proceed with a purchase.
External Inspections
The Ridge – The ridge is the very top of the roof, the line of tiles that form the spine. These tiles are rounded in shape and for the apex linking the two side.
They should;
* be running in a straight line
* be slightly upturned at the very end
Look out for;
* Missing mortar (cement)
* An uneven path along the ridge
* Newer tile in some places suggesting previous repairs
A broken roof tileThe Verge – This is the side part of the roof which meets the brickwork on the gable end (side of the property) It should have a smooth even finish of mortar or on newer properties be covered with a dry PVC tile. This is know as a dry verge and can be retrofitted for a maintenance free verge.
Look out for;
* Missing mortar
* Exposed woodwork
* Cracks in the mortar mean repairs could be imminent.


The Roofs general surface – Now we should all be able to spot a missing tile or two on the roof which to be honest is quite common and something that can be quickly remedied. A more worrying sign of serious roof repairs is sagging in the roof known as “Dishing”. Check that the tiles run in uniform straight lines from end to end. Any dips could be a sign of roof truss or purlin failure and this warrant’s further inspection of the timbers from inside the loft space.
Other general tips I would advise when assessing the roof are;
* Take some binoculars and use them from across the street to get a good view of the roof structure.
* Assess the building and roof itself at an alternative time to the main viewing appointment, having the agent or owner distracting you is not ideal when you are performing these crucial checks.
* Pay attention to the roofs of properties in the same street. If 5 out of 10 look to have recently replaced their roofs it would suggest that the lifespan of your intended purchase may be quite short.
I hope you have enjoyed this article and find my tips useful. I welcome any comments below or via our own website. Keep a look out for a follow up to this article where I discuss what to look for from inside the loft.

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