Accurate Roof Estimating with Current, Snow-Free Imagery


By Nearmap.

Ladders have no place on snow or ice – it’s just not worth the risk. But you also want business to continue without a long winter’s nap. Wouldn’t it be great if roofing could be less seasonal, and more consistent?

Come in from the cold. Crystal clear, current aerial imagery puts you back in business. Nearmap enables year-round lead generation, remote site inspection, and accurate estimating with precise roof measurements. Best of all, it’s all performed from your own (warm) office.

How? Nearmap photographs urban U.S. roofs multiple times per year, with an emphasis on getting you the most useful views: leaf-off, pre-snow, and all historical imagery to show what’s happening over time. It’s a unique approach; we upload fresh imagery to the cloud within days of capture so you get instant access to HD aerial maps that eclipse satellite imagery – easily accessed through our web-based MapBrowser, AutoCAD or other common platforms.


Staying Ahead of the Weather
It’s quite a challenge to fly over the right location during the perfect window in time late winter or early spring. We want the capture to be snow-free, but must act quickly before the trees go green. Clear skies and adequate daylight are also needed; however, no matter how detailed aerial capture plans may be, survey teams must still adapt on the fly and follow opportunity. The key is to learn to adapt quickly, and nimbly deploy aerial assets as opportunities present.

Take Chicago, for example – the time between last snow and first bloom can often be measured in days, or at best a few weeks. Clear weather aerial capture is difficult, but the ability for roofers to accurately measure what’s typically obscured by nature is essential.

Winter Roofing Operations
Readily identify prospects, create accurate estimates, and queue your work. After all, the best time to gain competitive advantage is while your competition is idle. Access recent snow-free imagery to locate necessary repair work, confirm roof details, and showcase stunning imagery throughout your proposals.

When you deliver winter estimates with analysis of their roof over time, you help customers proactively budget and account for the expense. You’ve lessened the impact of surprise. And best of all, you’re more likely to secure the job.

Planning also benefits from recent aerial imagery when roof access is limited by winter conditions. Design with confidence, order the correct amount of material for the job, and safely organize roof access and your work plan. You gain efficiencies, and stay one step ahead.

Leave Your Ladders Behind
What’s essential for ongoing business operations during winter is just as relevant during your peak season. Every on-roof moment multiplies costs and detracts from your bottom line. Remote inspection and measurement lowers the number of site visits and your exposure to travel or onsite risk. Remote prospecting with high-resolution aerial imagery concentrates your field resources around installations and efficiency, not inspections.

Knowledge is power – aerial knowledge means business. Request your free high-resolution image today.

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