12 Social Media Strategy Tips & Best Practices for Roofing Contractors


There’s an enormous amount of buzz around the rise of social media in the business world. But at the moment, some roof contractors are at risk of being left behind. The connection between roofing and social media isn’t an obvious one at first. But many contractors are finding that social media is an essential way to reach out to new customers and grow their businesses.

If you’re struggling to work out how to best use social media strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at these social media best practices for roofing contractors.

Show Off Your Completed Projects

Homeowners will often ask to see what other projects you’ve completed, and social media provides the ideal opportunity to do this. Capture professional pictures of your work and upload them to Facebook. A picture is often worth a thousand words.

Announce Company Updates And Charity Work

It’s a good idea to keep your social media profiles fresh and up to date. You can let customers know about the charitable work your roofing company has done recently. And make sure you keep them up to date on your latest deals and customer testimonials.

Promote Website Pages On Social Media

Google and Bing are increasingly using social media to rank web pages. It makes sense, therefore, to link to your site’s pages using social media. Create a few sentences of original description to describe your page on Facebook, and then follow up with the relevant link.

Use Facebook Ads

Often it can be hard to get content in front of the relevant people. But with new paid advertising from Facebook, it’s possible to get content in front of thousands of people every day. Facebook’s paid ad platform helps contractors to increase brand awareness and gain new customers. Don’t allow your business’s social media presence to be ignored: pay for advertising.

Put The “Social” Into Social Media

Many roofing contractors churn out great content and stop there. But in the social media world, That’s not enough. You need to engage with your customers to grow your following.

Personalize Your Social Media Messages

Roofing contractors can win new customers through personalized outreach. Birthday wishes, holiday greetings, thank you letters: they all generate continued interest.

Find The Right Platform For Your Customers

Roofing contractors need to think carefully about which social media platforms they use to stay connected. Instagram is great for roofers who want to show off their work. Facebook is probably the best way to connect with homeowners. And LinkedIn is a good platform if you want to do contract work for other companies.

Use Hashtags, Mentions And Groups To Get Noticed

Roofing contractors need to think carefully about how they can get their content seen online. You’ll want to identify with popular hashtags in your industry, like #Roofing. You’ll also want to tag other accounts that may be interested in your content.

Promote Your Brand Through Calls To Action

Many roofers produce a lot of social media content. But often they neglect to promote their brand. Make sure that you remind your customers every once in awhile to pay your website a visit and that you create great products. Also, put calls to action in your posts, prompting your followers to connect with you on other platforms.

Monitor Your Competitors

Roofers can learn a lot about successful social media campaigns by observing their competitors. Take a look at what your competitors are doing that works and emulate that. Often, your competitors are doing things that you haven’t thought of before. Check to see whether they are focusing their efforts on one or two social media platforms and think carefully about why.

Reuse And Recycle

The roofing industry can be a tricky one for consumers. Often they need the help of experts to make the right choices. As a result, roofing contractors often put out content to assist in customer decision-making. Creating fresh content all the time can, however, be a challenge. That’s why many roofers find ways to recycle and reuse their old content. If you’ve got an old piece of content on your site that’s out of date, you can edit it and create an updated version. You can also re-share content on social media in an attempt to drive more traffic to your social media site.

Use Photos And Video Content

One of the best ways for roofers to show off their work is to use visual content. Use services like Facebook video to show off your work as you do it.

How do you use social media to help boost brand awareness and loyalty? Tell us about it in the comments.


About the Author

Tim Sistrunk writes for Newman Roofing, a Columbus roofing contractor serving the residential roof repair and replacement needs of Central Ohio homeowners and real estate professionals since 1992. Tim also writes for Magnus Construction, another Central, Ohio roofing contractor specializing in commercial roofing solutions for over 10 years.

Source: www.askaroofer.com =>12 Social Media Strategy Tips & Best Practices for Roofing Contractors


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