Young People Can Bring About Positive Change in Your Company


RCS Influencer Charles Antis says to hire young people, be adaptive and keep asking for change.



Charles Antis is the founder and CEO of Antis Roofing. See his full bio here.


Video transcribed here:

Charles Antis:                       Hello Roofer’s coffee shop. I’m Charles Antis, with Antis Roofing and Waterproofing. And I have a special guest here. I have a young person. Ava Schubacher. Hi Ava.

Ava Schubacher:                 Hi.

Charles Antis:                       Say, Hi Roofer’s Coffee Shop. Roofer’s Coffee Shop.

Ava Schubacher:                 Roofer’s Coffee Shop?


Charles Antis:                       High five. How old are you?

Ava Schubacher:                 10.

Charles Antis:                       10. What are you doing today here at Antis Roofing?

Ava Schubacher:                 I’m helping out with all your projects and stuff, and I organized the refrigerator.

Charles Antis:                       She organized the refrigerator today. And what … Name one project your also working on.

Ava Schubacher:                 I’m stuffing the folders.

Charles Antis:                       High five again. Ava’s mom works here. In fact, Ava’s mom Karen Inman is our COO. But I love young people. We have millennials here, which she’s not. Your Gen-Z, right?

Ava Schubacher:                 Mm-hmm (affirmative)-.

Charles Antis:                        You know that?

Ava Schubacher:                 No.

Charles Antis:                        I think your Gen Z, but I’m not an expert there. But I will say this. I am an expert CEO founder on using young people. At Antis, we value young people. We bring them in and use them on projects, and what we find is young minds are adaptive and really curious, and they have really good questions, and so Ava might ask a question, that eventually turns into a great marketing concept, as do our millennials. And the other thing about young people, is they like working here. Do you like working here?

Ava Schubacher:                 Oh yeah.

Charles Antis:                        Why?

Ava Schubacher:                 Because it’s fun, and your energetic here. And it’s not like a boring office. I have fun here.

Charles Antis:                        So the message is, for Roofer’s Coffee Shop, please bring your young people to work. Please hire millennials. Please ask them questions on how to be adaptive. And don’t say no, like we used to. Say, not yet, but help me get there. Today we’re so adaptive, I mentioned earlier in a previous discussion with Roofer’s Coffee Shop, that we actually ran a 9/80 this week, which means our employees in the office got every other Friday off. Why? Because somebody asked for it. So, be curious. Keep asking for change. Because this is the generation that’s going to lead the world. High five.


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