Tri County Metals Becomes First StealthBond® Certified Manufacturer


By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.

The company recognized the innovation and potential that the StealthBond® System offers to customers.

Michael Smith, director of sales and manufacturing at Trenton, Florida–based Tri County Metals, says it isn’t often that the roofing industry sees an innovation that really works. When he first was introduced to the StealthBond® System, Mike was a little skeptical that this new structural adhesive system would be able to perform in the tough Florida weather conditions.

The StealthBond® System is an advanced metal roofing system that uses structural adhesive technology for metal roofing installations rather than screw fasteners. “When they showed me that they had received Miami-Dade approval for the materials to be installed with adhesive, I knew this was going to be a game changer,” explained Smith.

Becoming a Certified Manufacturer for the StealthBond® product line means Authorized Dealer Installers of the StealthBond® System who have been trained and authorized can purchased Metal Roofing Panels and accessories from those who obtain Certified Manufacturer status. Tri-County Metals chose to jump on this great opportunity to have access to the innovative system to provide to their local Authorized Installers in their area.

One of their first jobs that they manufactured was a system that was installed by PDF Roofing LLC on the ‘Wedding Barn’. (That project was recently profiled on RCS, see it here). Smith said that the owners of the barn were so pleased with the way the roof turned out that they are getting ready to install it on their own home.

Feedback from the contractors performing the installations is that they really like the StealthBond® System as well. When interviewed for the Wedding Barn project profile, Paul Furr, owner of PDF Roofing LLC said that the most impressive thing for him was that there was no oil canning at all. Smith says that he has about five or six jobs in the works and expects that number to only keep growing.

Tri County Metals is a manufacturer that looks for the newest innovations and technologies that will allow it to better serve its customers and contribute to the company’s continued growth. Over the last 10 years, the company has grown from just 6 employees with one manufacturing location and showroom to 85 employees, three manufacturing facilities and six showrooms. The StealthBond® System was a natural fit for them and Smith says they are “very encouraged by where StealthBond® can be in five years and by the opportunities it presents.”

Looking to become an Authorized Dealer Installer? Start by filling out the Become A Dealer form here!

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