Top 5 Blogs on RCS for December 2018 – New Product Innovations Top the List


By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.

Check out what’s trending on RoofersCoffeeShop® this past month.

The last month of 2018 continued to show that our audience is definitely interested in learning about what’s new and emerging in the industry. The most-read article of December was about a new, innovative solution for sealing homes following severe storms. The Stormseal “shrink-wrap” style product came in on top.

Not too far behind was an article analyzing whether the popular wide-width membrane rolls are really a benefit to contractors. It provided an interesting take on the amount of labor involved and other factors that should be considered before choosing what width single-ply rolls will be best for an installation.

Learning about other people is always a popular topic on the Coffee Shop, so we were not surprised to see the in the Top 5 the article about a roofing company’s employee, Freddie, whose quick thinking and unselfish actions saved a mom and her young children on a busy highway. I had the chance to speak to Freddie as he shared the story – it’s worth a read!

Also popular is the growing interest about women working in the roofing industry. A guest blog by IKO, the article shares stories of women who have had much success working in this traditionally male dominated field. With the ever-growing labor shortage, it’s important to consider that women could fill an important role on your team – in the office or in the field.

Last to make the Top 5 was the GAF Building Science FAQ video where guests answer the question – What is a Roof Coating? We’ve seen a trend in coatings as they are becoming a more popular option for extending the life of a roof and avoiding a costly replacement.

Check out the Top 5 articles below:

#5 – Episode 3 of The Building Science FAQ Series: What is a Roof Coating?

#4 – Women in the Roofing Industry: Statistics, Support & Achievement – IKO

#3 – Employee’s Heroic Actions Help Save a Woman and her Young Children

#2 – Are Single-ply Wide Width Membrane Rolls Really a Benefit to Contractors?

#1 – Stormseal accreditation give Hurricane Michael Roofers Better Make-safe Solution

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