The Easy Way to Get Started Using Digital Signatures 


Signeato makes digital signatures painless. 

Signeato is a service that makes signing PDFs super-easy! You can sign your own PDF or have us send your PDF to others to sign. Electronic, hand-written signatures have never been easier. 

E-signatures are rapidly becoming the norm in everyday business. Just like with any technology, e-signatures are not just for big business anymore and are being utilized by everyday people. Therefore, it is important to portray the image you wish to convey to your customers or the people you deal with. 

Signeato’s branding feature is loved by many contractors because it allows them to portray the brand and image they want their signees to see. 

The internet has made all of us adapt to a fast pace “at your fingertips” society. Therefore, chances are your customers are utilizing technology at a fast pace. They have probably e-signed documents before and found how convenient and easy it is. 

Signeato is a great way to make signing your documents easy and convenient for your customer while providing a professional interface that makes them think you’ve got it going on. 

Try it for free. 

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