Surefire Local brings you an all-new On Demand masterclass series!


Surefire Local’s inaugural Google Masterclass Series brought together hundreds of home services businesses for a free online workshop that included four sessions.

In these sessions, contractors will learn how Google has become the biggest social network and what that means for their business, the important search signals that Google looks for on a website, how to appear on Google Maps in their service area, and exciting new Google Ads features that will help contractors get more qualified leads. Each session is about 45 minutes long and can be watched on-demand at any time! All four classes can be accessed from this page or use the links below to watch.

Surefire Local would love to hear your feedback if you don’t mind emailing them at to let them know what you think of the on-demand classes.

Google – The Big Social Network [Session #1]

With digital marketing constantly changing, there’s a lot a business has to keep up with to stay ahead of the competition. Google has introduced these 12 new features that make it the biggest social network…how can you use them for your business?

Your Website in Google’s Eyes [Session #2]

Discover how Google views your website and the 9 top aspects of your website to consider when it comes to ranking higher in Google search. Is your website built with structured data, is it secure, is it loading fast enough on mobile?

Dominate Results with Google Ads [Session #3]

Expand your reach exponentially by learning how to get started with Google Ads and the many benefits it can have as you look to grow your business and reach homeowners in your local area.

Local Leads with Google Maps [Session #4]

Find out how to improve your business’s online presence on Google Maps through the exciting new capabilities of Google My Business, your free and easy-to-use homepage profile on Google.

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