SureCoat Systems Launches its “Field Tested” Podcast Series


The new bi-monthly podcast is all about building a cost-effective and sustainable roofing business.

It features interviews with different trusted industry experts with discussions focused on educating listeners to make and implement proven business and product reliability practices.

SureCoat Systems, an industry leader in the waterproof liquid single-ply market, this week announces the launch of the Field Tested podcast featuring interviews with the roofing industries’ top leaders, proven contractors, and the best products on the market. The construction and roofing industry podcast goes in-depth on the most effective and sustainable industry practices to help listeners boost their own reliability and business.

“I started in the industry when I was 17 years old, so I feel confident in saying I’ve had a hand in building just about everything over the years,” says SureCoat Systems innovator, Jesse Martinson.” “I understand first-hand how reliability has always been an issue especially when it came to products in our marketplace. It, of course, had a negative impact on my business and spurred me to innovate a proven product like the SureCoat Roof System to build better trust between contractors and their clients, but also to boost business. Having the opportunity to get together with so many of the other great and trusted industry leaders in our surrounding areas and being able to discuss issues in regard to business, reliability and beyond seemed like the right next steps to help, not only other contractors, but their clients and customers to understand how to protect their properties better.”

Current Field Tested Episodes included:

  • Podcast Episode #000: Why You’re About to Become a Field Tested Regular – Welcome to the World of Waterproofing and roofing with Jesse Martinson
  • Podcast Episode #001: How SureCoat Systems Brought Innovation and Reliability to the Industry
  • Podcast Episode #002: Under the Weather? How to Waterproof Quick – the Story of SureSet

Each Field Tested episode will run about 20 minutes long, and the show will run bi-monthly after our initial three-episode launch. Field Tested is available to listen to on iTunes.

About Field Tested:

From Bucket to Roof. Are you sick of cheap products and materials that consistently fail? How about screening phone calls from angry customers? Maybe you’re frustrated with big box manufacturers letting customer service issues get lost in the abyss? And you’re most likely spent from being liable for big budget projects you’ve been spending your own money to fix.  Guess what? You’re not alone.

Host Jesse Martinson found himself in this same situation—liable for thousands of dollars worth of failed projects and no one to help. He found the need for reliability was fierce, clients and customers needed consistency, and nothing on the market was meeting that demand so he created a product that would, SureCoat.

Now he’s taking his 40+ years in the industry, the business he built as a contractor, the products he’s formulated and developed, his knowledge from the front lines and packaging it up right here for you. If you’re looking to build a strong, sustainable business, extend the life of your roofing with a superior product, zero proven performance warranty claims and warranty, you’re in the right place. Field Tested takes proven strategies straight from the field and right to your roof.  Won’t you join us up top?

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