Stormseal accreditation gives Hurricane Michael roofers better make-safe solution


In the lead up to the landfall of Hurricane Michael, Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier estimated that approximately 500,000 policyholders would be impacted.

The aftermath of the storm has seen that number grow even larger with more than $4 billion in damages across the path of the devastating storm.

This catastrophe is disastrous for residents and business owners and there are knock-on effects that will still be felt for many for weeks and months to come. While roofing contractors are working tirelessly to complete the mountain of rebuilds needed in the wake of the storm, the enormity of the situation means that many home owners will be living under tarps while they await permanent roof repairs.

An innovative Australian company – Stormseal – that has recently expanded to the United States, is doing everything it can to help address this problem by offering training in its game-changing make-safe system that keeps residents safe and dry for extended periods and saves contractors time and money.

Stormseal is a strong polyethylene film that covers a damaged structure, staying in place until permanent repairs can be made. Manufactured from low-density polyethylene resins that are combined with fire-retardant and ultraviolet-resistant additives, the resulting mix forms a strong plastic film when applied on a damaged roof or wall, enhancing the structure’s strength without damaging underlying materials. Designed to replace flapping, leaking, flyaway tarpaulins that often lead to more damage, Stormseal helps roofers to better manage reconstruction efforts following severe weather events.

Stormseal, manufactured and distributed in the United States, is tested at multiple points during manufacture and has proven its resistance to severe weather in wind-tunnel and hail-impact tests. The product holds two U.S. patents. Stormseal partners with the Australian government and multiple industry companies to ensure comprehensive protection for storm-damaged residential and commercial structures.

Roofing businesses anywhere in the United States can now attend a hands-on, safety-first, one day training program through Optimum Training. Upon completion they will receive a unique web login to the Stormseal website which will allow them to purchase products online and have them shipped quickly to their doorstep.

Stormseal film is manufactured in the United States, it’s quicker and cheaper to carry in a work vehicle and apply than a tarp and puts Stormseal contractors light years ahead of their competition. Tarps often fail, causing further damage to interiors, creating trauma for homeowners and leading to multiple, frustrating callouts from roofers. Stormseal solves this problem for good.

Orlando Group Roofing of Addison, TX, was the first U.S. contractor to complete the Stormseal accreditation and are now securing the homes of residents who are left feeling much safer than their tarp-suffering neighbors in the wake of storms like Hurricane Michael.

Orlando Group is a multiple-year winner of the GAF President’s Club Award, a winner of GAF’s Triple Excellence Award and has been awarded the Habitat for Humanity’s “Community Contractor” designation.

Orlando Group president Doug Hasty said Stormseal adds value to the company’s existing comprehensive storm-damage repair and restoration services for the insurance industry.

“Our guys were really impressed with the Stormseal training. We were so impressed that we have booked more guys to get trained. And Stormseal has made it so easy to place orders online. Our company is committed to providing a better policyholder experience, keeping families and properties safe throughout and after storms. Our goal of growing and improving as a company is to better serve our neighbors in Texas and Oklahoma. The addition of Stormseal to Orlando Group’s service offerings is helping to secure our place as the leading choice in the roofing industry.”

The Orlando Group is not the only business improving their service offering with a Stormseal accreditation. At a recent training day, President and Owner of ConstructoMax in Florida, Kevin Nemes, said he was impressed with the system.

“For our next storm project we’ll be using Stormseal so we can waterproof the houses and get in and work. It’s a great product, all around. Easy to use. The training was phenomenal. It covered all bases. Definitely the safety came into play early on so the guys got acclimated to the fact that they really need to know what they’re doing so they can be safe when they’re operating on the roofs. The technical aspect of it was awesome. Showing the guys how to weld. It was a good experience.”

Brian Meyer from Myer’s Pride Roofing said he was happy to be able to say goodbye to tarps.

“The full safety training was very cool. I’ve never used ropes and harnesses before and I felt much more comfortable after using those and trying out the equipment. The Stormseal training was really cool, it’s a very good product I’m sure we’ll use it on all kinds of roofs in the future. The biggest takeaway is not having to use tarps anymore, and I can outfit my truck and have it always on hand.”

Register with Optimum Training today to get your crew trained up, say goodbye to flapping tarps and help Hurricane Michael survivors stay safe and secure while they await permanent repairs.

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