Stand Together in the Immigration Debate


RCS Influencer Maria Alcala says that when it comes to immigration, our politicians should look at the big picture, and not through a tunnel.

Sure, there are bad people that cross our borders, but there are bad people that are American citizens here also. And we are called “HUMANS.”  There are also people that come into this country with a dream to grow and succeed.

I am a Naturalized citizen, brought into this country at 10 years of age. My father worked very hard to raise a family on a very low income. Not once did I hear him complain about his low wages. Not once did he ever call and say he was in jail for any reason.

But he made sure he got up in the morning, got ready and walked out of the house with his lunch box, sick or not!

Now we have “DACA” our dreamers, brought to the United States as children with no choice but to live and learn the American dream which their parents brought them to. After all they also have the right to aim high in this country.

My ideal outcome is to give these dreamers and their parents the opportunity. In the process of the paperwork to legalize their immigration status, there are extended background checks, in this country and in our native country (speaking from experience).

Politicians need to stop playing tug-of-war with humans just to spite each other. Our labor will suffer intensely due to not all jobs being cut out for every person out there. There are hard workers in every nationality and in the career chosen by the individual such as produce field workers, lawyers, doctors, law enforcement, housekeepers, nannies, roofers, etc.

Best for our business and every other business would be to VOTE and stand up for equality. Stand together and with each other, not against each other!

Maria Alcala does Inside Sales for SG Wholesale – Santa Ana.

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