Sign Me Up for No Construction – A Residential Roof Repair


What happens when a stucco wall terminates right at the flat roofline? I think we all know it usually causes chronic leaking.

Picture this. A beautiful modern Laguna Beach home nestled on the hillside with vast Pacific Ocean views. Yet, every window this homeowner looks out, he sees another one of his leaky, unappealing tar and gravel roof systems that wasn’t appropriately constructed when the house was built. It immediately reminds him of the thousands and thousands of dollars he will be spending on construction to get his stucco wall terminations demolished and rebuilt. He’s seen the proposals not from one contractor, but from many. That is until he meets Alan Stovesand from Pacific Roofing Systems and reads a proposal that meets all his construction-less long-term needs.

The Stats:

  • Type: Residential Home
  • Scope & Size: 2,000 Square Feet of Spudded Rock Flat Roof and Sloped Metal Roof

“When this homeowner approached us, we were one of a few different contractors who had inspected the property and had an opportunity to propose a solution,” Alan explains. “The problem was we had to overcome a series of multilevel flat roofs and stucco walls that terminated right at the flat roof level. As all the contractors and roofers out there know, when done properly, the walls should terminate 6 inches above the roof with a metal weep screed that allows the water to weep out above the roofline and onto the roof, which is a standard waterproofing practice. This home, however, had a tar and gravel roof with nowhere for the moisture to weep out to, and the homeowner didn’t want to open up and rework all the stucco terminations of his beautiful modern home.”

To avoid construction, Alan knew that using SureCoat was the solution. Out of all the other proposals this homeowner saw, Pacific Roofing Systems was the one that he chose because they offered a long-term, cost-effective solution. Alan and his team started by removing all the loose gravel, spudding the roof – extracting all of the rock – and worked to get the roof surface as smooth as they possibly could. They then cleaned the remaining roof surface with SureSkrub, the biodegradable SureCoat roof cleaner, to prep the surface for installation. The last obstacle faced was getting around the City of Laguna Beach and the “no white roof” regulations. The homeowner chose to install a tan SureCoat roof from the select color variations.

By offering the SureCoat solution, Alan saves this customer a ton of money by not having to do any demolition or construction, provided him the monolithic waterproof roof he needed, met city regulations and saved his beautiful Pacific Ocean views.

This homeowner is nearly two years into his 10-Year Renewable Energy Efficient SureCoat Roof System with no leaks and a roof just as beautiful as the day it was installed.

To learn more about the SureCoat Roof System or if you’re ready to price out your next project, call or click today! 877-8 BE SURE –

Editor’s note: This project profile originally published on SureCoat System’s blog and can be viewed here.

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