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Before bringing STACK onboard, we were either having to get a physical set of blueprints and doing an old school takeoff with the scale ruler or I would have to email the digital file over to one of my vendors who would then break down the takeoff.

My name is Carlos Sanchez. I’m the owner of the Continental Roof Company. We are a residential roofing company based out of Westchester, Ohio.

I’ve been in the roofing business for about 25 years now. I started in Texas. I became an insurance adjuster for several years. Ended up moving out to Ohio to run another roofing company for someone else and opened up Continental at that point. We’ve been open since late 2010.

Common things I hear is, what separates you from other roofing companies? What separates us is the fact that we are heavily involved in our community. We give back to our local charities. We give back to local non-profits. We started a free roof program called Project Parasil that works in conjunction with Butler County’s Board of Developmental Disabilities. Recently we started that same program with Clermont County’s Board of Developmental Disabilities.

I also sit on the board of The Dragonfly Foundation and I sit on the board of Mentoring Partners, which is an at risk youth mentoring program. The Dragonfly Foundation, if you’re not familiar with that, is where Marty Brennaman shaved his head here in Ohio in Cincinnati. It’s kids with pediatric cancer. We are definitely involved. One of the most important things that we do here is be able to give back as much as we can.

We’ve invested heavily into new software that were developing, estimating software, CRM software to help run our production. It’s something that we feel we need to help grow our business, something to control and help manage the different things that we have to deal with in our industry. We’ve also invested back in the community and not just our charity work but with networking. I run one of the biggest networking groups, BNI networks, chapters here in this tri state area. We use that to help grow our business. We’ve done tremendously with that. I’ve got five other guys that are in separate BNI chapters that help grow the business that way.

What we do is we obviously build the relationships with one another and pass on referrals. When we’re out in the field and I’ve got somebody that says, “Hey. I’ve got some insulation problems,” I can go to my network and hit up the insulation guy. “Hey. I’ve got a referral for you.” This year, our chapter alone will close over seven million in close business. Our company last year did a little over 500,000 from BNI referrals. Our footprint has grown bigger. The areas that we service have grown bigger, New Richmond, Indianapolis, Dayton, Columbus. Within our tri state area, we have grown. A lot of that has to do with the fact that we are in these networking groups that pulled us into different directions.

Where do we start? I guess the biggest one is because of the low unemployment, we’re having a hard time filling spots for the individual things that we need. Again, cashflow’s a big problem with us because we do so much new construction, which is a 30, 40, 60 day wait for our money. Then a lot of insurance work, which is another 15 to 30 day wait for the money to come back in. Cashflow, finding good people to fill the spots that we’ve got open are the two biggest hurdles. Everything else is really secondary. We kind of just roll with it.

First of all, it took me several days, if not weeks, Google searching, demoing before I finally decided to go with STACK. I’d gone through several recommendations from some of the vendors on some of their programs. I think one of the biggest reasons I chose STACK, I had no idea you guys were local at the time, was the simple plans that you have on how to use it. This is how much it’s going to cost. Simple. It was nothing that was crazy and difficult to understand. It’s just a very simple plan and you go with it. You pick this, you pick that. It works perfect for me. I have a lot of decisions to make throughout the day and this needed to be one of the least important and you guys made it very easy.

Before bringing STACK onboard, we were either having to get a physical set of blueprints and doing an old school takeoff with the scale ruler or I would have to email the digital file over to one of my vendors who would then break down the takeoff. The problem with that is that it was taking two weeks at times to get these takeoffs back from the vendors.

STACK has sped up things for me, I would say, 10 times faster than what I was taking before. It was taking up to two weeks for me to do something that I can do now in a matter of hours. I think 10 times, something in a day, I’m doing now in a day, would’ve taken me 10 to 14 days to have done, mostly because I’m having to depend on somebody else to get the numbers to me.

Yes. I have saved money because it’s very expensive to print out blueprints. If anybody’s printed them out before, they know that these things aren’t cheap. It’s just the time and the driving there and all the things that you’ve got to do to go physically pick up a set of blueprints of pages of a blueprint. It saved me tremendous amount of time and obviously time equals money.

Unlike most guys, I do ask for help. Right away that’s what I wanted to do was take a quick demo and learn how to use the basic functions. The basic stuff was obviously very, very easy to pick up on. It’s a very simple program to use. The smaller detail items, learning how to edit and learning how to do those type of things, I definitely had to reach out for help on and get some feedback from the guys there. They were very helpful. I get either a quick instant message back or a phone call or an email. They’re always very, very helpful. Always very prompt and get things done quickly.

I think just the simplicity, how easy it is to use. I mean that’s the best part about it besides the pretty colors that you can select. It’s just a very, very simple program to use. It does an incredible job at doing something that could be very, very difficult.

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