Roof Hugger Announces Winter Webinar Schedule



Everyone knows that knowledge is power, and for the roofing contractor, design professional and facility manager/owner it can lead you to new horizons.

Education can help roofing contractors and design professionals expand their businesses and participate in a very small market without a lot of competition.  For the facility manager and building owner, it can provide you with an unwanted investment that will “pay you back” and give you a “long-term solution” to “old problems”.

Metal-over-Metal retrofit roofing is what Roof Hugger does.  We are the leader in retrofit sub-framing systems for installing new metal roofs over existing metal roofs without removing the existing roof.  We are talking about older metal roofs that have reached the end of their expected service life or have experienced a “quick death” due to neighboring facilities, faulty installation or a multitude of other reasons.  We have the experience with the most recognized tested structural sub-framing systems available anywhere and with over 85-million square feet of our products installed on metal roofs Nationwide and abroad.

 Here is how you can learn about the Metal-over-Metal Retrofit Roofing Market

 30-minute programs

RH1 – Getting a Good Estimate > January 10th

It is important to understand what due diligence at the building location is needed on your part to obtain an accurate estimate from Roof Hugger.  Don’t guess at anything having to do with the existing roof and its support system.

RH2 – Retrofitting for Energy Upgrades > January 24th

This webinar will enlighten all audiences to what energy saving benefits can be had by adding some inexpensive options to the retrofit roofing project, making it quite possibly a new roof that can pay for itself.

RH3 – Selling Retrofit Roofs > February 7th

Metal-over-Metal retrofit is an exciting market for any contractor to enter.  Did you know that there is approximately 29 BILLION square feet of metal roofs out there that are 30 to 50 years old?

RH4 – Retrofit Metal Roof Benefits > February 21st

With Today’s metal roof system offerings, you may be surprised why metal is now listed as a roof that has a service life of 60-plus years.  These metal roofs today are just not what they used to be!

RH5 – Metal Roof Retrofit Versus Conventional Re-roofing > March 7th

With this webinar you will discover our Number One competitor again Metal-over-Metal retrofit, and their pitfalls that make them a bad option for any building owner

RH6 – Retrofit Roof Design for Wind & Snow > March 21st

This webinar deals with the most important step in achieving a roof that will withstand its governing building code requirements.  Don’t worry, we take care of this step for you. 


NOTE:  All programs will start promptly at 2:30 pm central time.


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