Roof All Year Round with Nearmap


By Nearmap.

Stand up to winter by being productive this season and getting a jump ahead on work for next spring.

In the past, the coming of winter meant a slowdown in the roofing season, but technology is quickly changing that tradition. It’s true that when the roofs in your service area are snow-covered, there is not a lot of roofing to be done beyond snow removal and emergency leak repair. Aerial image technology provides roofing contractors the ability to stay productive through the snowy, cold winter by prospecting and prepping bids for spring work.

With Nearmap’s high-resolution aerial imagery, 72% of the U.S. is captured year-round. This means that contractors have the ability to compare up-to-date and archived property imagery where the roofs are not snow covered. Scanning through neighborhoods of rooftops with a bird’s eye view, helps contractors to identify roofs that are aging or even appear to be damaged.  The recency of the imagery can help you spot a rooftop that had an emergency repair or tarp installed to get them through the winter – a prime candidate for repair or replacement in the spring.

The side by side tool, lets you view current imagery alongside of historical imagery to help understand the changes that the roof may have experienced over time. Understanding the aging and evolution of the roof demonstrates to the owner that you have spent time learning as much as you can about their roof in order to deliver the best possible solutions for repair and replacement.

Stay warm and dry inside your office while you identify areas to target and use Nearmaps’ built in roof pitch and area measuring tools to prepare accurate preliminary estimates. When the snow starts to melt your team will be ready to target the neighborhoods and buildings that will benefit most from your services.

Don’t wait for the next snowfall – request a free image of your next project from Nearmap today.

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