Retrofit from Hail, A Quick Solution


Hail storms are not uncommon in Nebraska, and many times they can be very severe with hail ranging from a half-dollar to a softball in size.

When these towering storms come rolling through, everything in their path is in extreme danger. That was the case recently when two buildings managed by Greenleaf Properties found themselves in the cross-hairs of just such an event and this storm lasted nearly seven hours! The resulting damage was extensive, and both of their buildings needed immediate repairs. Ayars & Ayars, Inc. was called in to access the damage.

Ayars & Ayars, Inc. a design-build general contractor in Lincoln is no stranger to these storms. This contractor tackles building projects from extremely complex to simple retrofit metal roof systems. Started in 1985, this diversified construction firm has been building projects with an in-house team now of over one-hundred, with offices in Lincoln, Omaha and Twin Cities, MN. They have built major projects like schools, health centers, retail, warehousing and manufacturing utilizing tilt-up, precast, masonry, wood-framed and pre-engineered metal buildings. Some notable customers include FedEx, Monsanto and Speedway. They have a long-standing affiliation with Butler® Manufacturing of Kansas City, MO and are a member of many other industry related associations.

Having a twenty-year relationship with Roof Hugger, LLC of Lutz, FL, the company knew immediately what course of action to take to get these buildings safe and back in the dry. The existing, original metal roofs have a 1:12 pitch/slope and were 12″ on center screw down panels that were installed in 1984 and 1990. Takeoffs were done, prices collected, needed components and new roof panels were ordered. Roof Hugger urgently fabricated all 20,480 lineal feet of a special factory-notched sub-purlins and shipped them in just 7-days from the receipt of the purchase order. The custom zee-shaped sub-purlins had a web height of 2.90 inches to accommodate installing 3-inches of new unfaced-fiberglass insulation between the old and new roofs. Then new 26-gauge Galvalume Butlerib® II metal panels were installed over the Roof Hugger sub-purlins. Start to finish, installation took less than 60 days.

Ayars & Ayars, Inc. have completed multiple Roof Hugger projects over the years and will surely do many more in the future knowing that this type of metal-over-metal roof replacement is a simple and quick answer to aging and damaged metal roofs, subjected to the wrath of Mother Nature.

Learn more about Roof Hugger.

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