Replacing a Roof with a Complete Roofing System


By Malarkey Roofing Products.

Replacing a roof is an important investment for your customers’ homes.

A roof not only enhances a home’s curb appeal, it also protects the owner, and everything inside the home, from the elements. When reroofing a home, it is helpful to remember that a roof is more than just shingles. There are actually several components in a roofing system that provide security against water intrusion, ice dam formation, winds and impact damage. Before replacing a roof on a home, be sure to speak with your customers about the entire roofing system.

Understanding the Roofing Process

Professional roofing contractors will be able to clearly communicate what is involved in the roof replacement process. For instance, this may include a discussion on home ventilation, landscape protection, job site clean-up, and an attic inspection. Homeowners should also be provided guidance on the necessary components in a roofing system, and shared recommendations on the appropriate roofing products for their home style and regional climate.

Benefits of the Secure Choice™ System

Many homeowners may find that a roofing system is a more reliable product investment. Roofing products all from a single manufacturer, like Malarkey, are designed to work together. They also deliver security that the roof is a complete system of related component parts, with each covering a necessary basis for roof and home protection.

An example of a certified roofing system is the Malarkey Secure Choice™ roofing system. Beginning at the roof deck, the Secure Choice™ system involves a quality underlayment; either SecureStart™ Plus, Right Start™ UDL, or Arctic Seal® ice and water barrier. Contractors are encouraged to demonstrate for homeowners the value in each product. For instance, the Arctic Seal® barrier will seal around nails and prevent moisture penetration. The SecureStart™ Plus underlayment, with five layers of secured redundancy, also has the ability to lay flatter than competing products and reduce pockets or bubbles to form in the material.

Then, the roofing shingles will include Smart Start™ or Windsor® starter shingles on the eave and rake can protect the leading edge of the roof. Field roofing shingles also made with polymer modified asphalt have exceptional flexibility and granules retention that can be demonstrated with the homeowner. The visual and tangible results can be shared directly with the homeowner. It is also a longer lasting product and cleaner to manufacture. Lastly, the roof ridge is capped with either EZ-Ridge™ or RidgeFlex™ ridge shingles. The ridge products not only complement the home but provide an added benefit of protection since each are made with Class 4 impact resistant polymer modified asphalt.

Be sure to consider the all components involved in the roofing system when replacing a roof. Remember, it’s more than just shingles. With an appropriate system for the home, a reliable roof will protect your customer, and everything inside their home, while also providing lasting curb appeal to the property.

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of a complete roofing system.

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