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By Heidi J. Ellsworth, Partner RoofersCoffeeShop.com.

Heidi J. Ellsworth’s Roofing Road Trip Blog.

Vickie has asked me to start this blog. For those of you who do not know me, I have been lucky enough to be friends with Vickie for over twenty years. So many of you who are on the site have been loyal to Vickie since she first started Roofers Exchange in the early 80s.  I found her in 1993 when I was a marketing coordinator with Malarkey Roofing. I oversaw advertising and one of our best places to advertise was in the Roofers Exchange.

In 2000, I had started my own marketing firm, HJE Marketing and Vickie called saying, “Hey, we need to take the Roofers Exchange onto the web.” She asked me to help and from that RoofersCoffeeShop.com was born. In 2015, she gave me the greatest honor of asking me to be her partner. So here we are in 2018 and I can honestly say that Vickie and I are so happy.  Working with our husbands, Mick Sharples and Tim Ellsworth, Karen Edwards our editor and very good friend and our amazing RCS team, we are watching the Coffee Shop grow in front of our eyes.

But it is because of all of you that we are growing! The contractors and roofing industry professionals who visit our site everyday to conduct business, learn and honestly have some fun. That brings me back to what Vickie has asked me to do. I travel a lot. I am involved in all parts of the roofing industry and love it SO much! I am supported every day by Vickie saying, “Heidi, go out there and get to know every roofing person you can.” Followed by, “And you need to write about it. We need a Heidi blog and let’s call it Roofing Road Trips.” And so, it will be done, because Vickie says it will be.

My first blog will follow this introduction, so watch for it. Thank you for being a part of the Coffee Shop and loving the roofing industry as much as Vickie and I do. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you. If you would like RCS to visit your association, business or event, please let us know. You never know where our road trips may lead.

From the road,


Heidi Ellsworth is owner of HJE Consulting Group and a partner in RoofersCoffeeShop®. See her full bio here.

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