Prefab is the right fit for your flashing needs


Fit matters, so it’s important to know that your flashing manufacturer has consistent quality and design procedures in place to ensure the right fit.

You’re on the roof, ready to install your prefabricated single-ply flashing because you’re smart. You recognize that by using a flashing that is already made for you, you can just slip it on, weld it and be on to the next task. But what happens when the flashing doesn’t fit? Your time savings just turned into a time spender trying to manipulate, cut and maneuver it into place or even worse, you simply can’t use it and have to fabricate a flashing on site.

The right fit every time

Don’t let this happen to you!  Choose your flashing manufacturer carefully because not all single ply flashings are created equally! You can trust the rigorous quality control process that Acme Cone Company puts into every prefabricated TPO and PVC 60-mil flashing that they make. Their corners and squares are so well made and precise that they will fit every single time. And if you are using a custom fabricated flashing, you can rest easy knowing that it’s going to be made exactly to your specifications for a great fit on every installation.

Reinforced membrane is better

Acme Cone Company’s flashings are created from reinforced membrane – the same membrane that is being installed on the roof’s surface to protect it from water intrusion. This means that you are delivering a high-quality flashing the will deliver superior performance and protection for the building.

See for yourself

Download our free white paper to learn about the 3 secrets to a watertight single-ply roof and you’ll see that consistency is going to play a key role in the performance of the system. Want to know more about Acme Cone’s products? Visit

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