Pit Crew Roofing Protects Florida’s Panhandle with Stormseal


Stormseal helped this Florida contractor to protect more than 100 homes.

“It was a simple and smart decision to switch to Stormseal. The product sells itself,” said Adam Cherup.

“We love it,” agreed Brittany, Adam’s wife. “It’s opened up more business for us and promotes professionalism, which we really value.”

Adam and Brittany own and operate Pit Crew Roofing and Repair, headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, with a team of 60 employees.

“We first heard about Stormseal at the FRSA expo in early 2018,” explained Adam. “I met Matt Lennox there and was immediately impressed by his passion and professionalism.

“When I heard how well Stormseal has worked in Australia, I registered two employees for their first installer training course in the US. We’ve had a great relationship with Stormseal ever since.

“I sat in on the training course and saw that Stormseal was a perfect fit for the high standards of our company. Stormseal’s product and installation technique are at the forefront of our industry, which is vital for us, and the film is readily available, with capacity to scale up production fast when a storm hits.”

Pit Crew Roofing soon put another four employees through the nationally recognized Stormseal installer training, so they were prepared when Florida’s storm season arrived with a vengeance.

Handling a hurricane

Hurricane Michael struck Cuba and the southeastern US in October 2018, claiming many lives, devastating communities and industries, and generating at least $3.3 billion in insurance claims.

The Pit Crew Roofing team has used tons of Stormseal to aid recovery, especially in Florida’s Panhandle, where the damage was catastrophic.

“We’ve installed Stormseal on more than 100 homes so far, using it on external walls as well as roofs,” said Brittany. “Our team worked through continuing wind and rain to make hurricane victims safe and give them some peace of mind again.”

“I really like Stormseal’s focus on safety – both for our installers and for residents – and that it’s long-lasting, secure in all weather, fire retardant and UV resistant,” said Adam. “Our experienced roofers have a superior understanding of water shedding and they agree that Stormseal delivers the best results by far.

“We won’t go back to using synthetic underlayment, which lasted a maximum of six months, and we’ll never use tarpaulins because they’re totally inadequate. We’re getting customized Stormseal film in different colors, with our logo printed on it.”

“The customer feedback on Stormseal has been very positive, which means they’re more likely to call us back to repair their roof once their insurance claim is paid,” said Brittany. “Using Stormseal is good for our business as well as improving outcomes for storm victims.

“We’ll be putting more of our roofers through Stormseal installer training as soon as possible.”

Learn more about Stormseal.

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