NWIR November Letter from the Chair: Making our voices heard.


When you think back to how women’s rights have grown and developed over the past century, we really have come a long way.

The right to vote and NOW (National Organization of Women) really opened up new opportunities and new discussions for the empowerment of women.

Just think about now much different our lives, jobs, and life experiences are from those of our mothers and grandmothers! Two-income opportunities, not because we have to, but because we want to! Buying cars, homes, our careers, being economically self-sufficient…taking ownership for what we do and how we live on our own terms. The differences are staggering…but as Oprah stated earlier this year, we’re just getting started… this new generation of women.

NWIR represents all of the hard work, sacrifice and true growth of women in non-traditional roles (roofing and beyond), and we are proud of our growing list of accomplishments of and for all of our members who have and continue to make our mission possible. We salute each and every one of you!

This past summer, NWIR supported Girls Build in Oregon to introduce and empower girls to consider construction and roofing through a series of summer camps. We sponsored a couple of truly remarkable ladies from the Rutherford Housing Partnership in North Carolina to share their experiences at with the campers. If you’re not familiar with the ladies of Rutherford Housing Partnership, learn more here. They are truly a remarkable group.

Our NWIR community outreach focus of women in crisis has both an empowerment as well as recruitment efforts for women who have survived physical abuse nationwide. Every day we (NWIR) not only promote but live the 4 pillars of our mission: Education, Membership, Mentorship and Recruitment to women within and outside of the roofing industry.


My best to all of you,


Learn more about National Women in Roofing.

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