NRCA Issues Action Alert Regarding H-2B Visas


Streamlined application process would provide certainty for employers and protections for workers.

The H-2B Visas seasonal guest worker program provides an opportunity for businesses to operate at a greater capacity, retain their full-time workers, and further contribute to local and state economies. However, burdensome regulations issued in recent years and outdated provisions have made the program more cumbersome for roofing contractors and other businesses to use it in a cost-effective manner.

To address this problem, the Save Our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act of 2017 (S. 792) has been introduced in the Senate and the Strengthen Employment and Seasonal Opportunities Now (SEASON) Act has been introduced in the House to make numerous reforms that will greatly improve the operation of the H-2B program. The legislation streamlines the application process and provides much-needed certainty for seasonal employers while preserving important protections for workers. The bills also would allow for increases in the number of H-2B visas that may be issued during a fiscal year based on economic demand, providing more opportunity for roofing contractors to participate in the program.

NRCA has posted an Action Alert asking NRCA members to urge their members of Congress to support this legislation.

To take action and email your legislators, visit the NRCA Grassroots Advocacy Network at

To learn more about National Roofing Contractors Association visit here.

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