National Women in Roofing August Letter from the Chair – Work-Life Balance


By Shari Carlozzi, Chair, NWIR.

Let’s talk about work-life balance…again.

Some say there is no such thing as work-life balance for women in any industry.  This may be an area where we look to our male colleagues for some clarity Everyone wants to be that super-woman/super-mom, and many of us achieve that status. But I have to tell you, that 24/7 lifestyle is not meant for the long haul.  Be kind to yourself.

If there’s one thing I have learned throughout my career, it’s that it’s easy to pile on more demands of family, friends and career, but there are still only 24 hours a day and you are allowed to sleep at least 7 of them.  Sleep is NOT overrated, it’s healthy and without your health you are no good to your job, your family and certainly not yourself.

I am guilty as charged. I have burned the candle at both ends in the quest to satisfy my family and my career (both of which I love) only to find myself with a short fuse at the end of the day. I have worked with some really dynamic male colleagues, you know, the “go to guys” who seem to get everything done and they have no problem saying their schedule is full and their day is over. So why is it so difficult for me/us?

Take some time away from your desk for lunch, plan your day and stick to that TO DO list that you create for the next day’s events and appointments. I have a great breathing relaxation exercise that takes only minutes to help you start your day, manage stressful situations throughout your day or even help you wind down at the end of the day for a better night’s sleep.  It really works!  I am happy to share it with you.

We are allowed to say “no” or “not today” when our schedules are full.  Maybe tomorrow really is a better day for that task OR perhaps something on today’s TO DO list can be pushed to tomorrow to accomplish that task today. You may just find that the quality of the work you do is better when your mind is clear and rested.

I am diligently working on re-establishing and maintaining a reasonable work day schedule.  I really do like to have dinner before 7:30pm…and I’m getting better at it. Empower yourself to find the work-life balance that works best for YOU.  It may take a little time to develop, but it’s worth it!

Be kind to yourself.  You are worth it!


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