MINIFLOOR even better – thanks to our customers


By Leister Technologies.

New MINIFLOOR models will offer improved track stability and general handling.

We’re very fortunate to have such a great relationship with our customers who give us feedback about our products and services on a regular basis. Their feedback is an integral part in the way we continuously develop our products. For example, the MINIFLOOR models have been optimized to improve welds/functionality, which you can read about in our news blog. Before you read on, we’d like to take this time to thank our customers for their feedback and support.

Improved track stability – especially in low grooves

A few customers have informed us that the MINIFLOOR has got out of the track when welding in shallow grooves. To resolve this minor mishap, we’ve added an extra weight to the machine. That increases the contact pressure of the guide wheel and enables your MINIFLOOR to always stay safely on track.

If you’re already working with it and would like to increase its stability with the additional weight, you can order it directly from your Leister sales partner under article number 163.870. The added weight can be assembled within seconds.

Optimized roll holder

In addition, the roll holder has been updated with a stop, which prevents the welding rod rolls from slipping or falling down. This ensures that the welding wire is always properly fed and thus facilitates your work and general handling.

MINIFLOOR is even more powerful

Starting this November, all MINIFLOOR models will be available with added weight and improved roll holder.

If you have any questions about the MINIFLOOR, please feel free to reach out to product manager, Silvan Horand. He will be happy to help you. E-Mail him.

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Source: Leister Technologies.

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