Meet Chase Garner – The November Winner of a Yeti Rambler Tumbler from StealthBond®


We’re sure glad that Chase stopped by the Coffee Shop and decided to enter the StealthBond® Yeti Rambler giveaway contest!

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.

Win one of the many contests or giveaways on and chances are pretty good that you’ll be hearing from me. We love to profile members of the RCS community and at the same time, tell everyone about our great promotions.

I had the chance to talk with Chase recently as he was traveling back home after several days away on the job site. Chase works for CCR Roofing in Austin, Texas and when asked what he does there, he said he really doesn’t have a job title, but he’s involved in a little bit of everything it seems. He told me that he manages sales and works on operations in conjunction with a fellow operations employee. His main focus is on the commercial jobs but he helps out with residential if that side of the business needs a hand.

What does he like the most about his job? Chase said that he really likes building relationships with his customers. He works with real estate agents and property managers and enjoys getting to understand their needs and approaching each project in a different way in order to meet those specific needs.

Our conversation turned to Hurricane Harvey and how that affected him and their business. He said, “I’ve learned that hurricanes are hard. It just makes a hailstorm look easy. We are used to dealing with minor exterior damage but some of the buildings I have been on that were hit by Harvey, were really destroyed. I just knew that they were going to have to be torn down.”

Had he ever heard of the StealthBond® system? Chase admitted that he had never heard of it and was interested in understanding how the system works with the expansion and contraction that metal experiences. “I saw that the system has been popular in Florida and made a mental note to learn more about it as it might be a good solution for the Gulf Coast homes,” he said. “A lot of people are wanting to replace their tile roofs with metal and the metal roofs in the path of the storm seemed to fare a lot better.”

How does he use Chase said that he really enjoys the information that he gets from the Coffee Shop. He uses it to see what other roofers are doing and what people are talking about, he likes the photos and learning about what is happening in the industry.

Congrats to Chase on winning the drawing for November! If you have not entered yet, visit the contest page now and sign up. To learn more about StealthBond® Systems, the first concealed adhesive installation system for metal roofing, visit

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