Manufacturer and Contractor Worked Together to Develop a New Flashing Solution in Twin Falls


The new curb wrap design gave the contractor the flexibility needed to ensure the proper fit on every protrusion.

CentiMark’s Boise, Idaho branch secured a retrofit of a large, industrial building in Twin Falls. The project would need 40 pieces in 15 custom-sized square curb wraps as the building had many penetrations all varying in size. The CentiMark team already understood the value that using Acme Cone’s prefabricated custom flashings brought to their jobs in terms of time savings, productivity, consistency and efficiency on the job, but they were running into some challenges on certain retrofit projects.

With a custom square curb wrap, the CentiMark team provides measurements to Acme Cone and the company manufactures the wrap into two U-shaped pieces to be installed on site. The challenge that the crews were coming up against is that even though the measurements were correct, sometimes the wrap wouldn’t fit because of something on the roof, such as a cricket or a cant, getting in the way and not allowing the flashing to sit correctly. The U-shape of the two-pieces was not allowing for any flexibility in the distances between the corners. In those cases, the custom wrap was useless.

Acme Cone’s Director of Sales decided to travel to Idaho to meet with the branch manager and project manager to brainstorm a solution to solve the problem. They were whiteboarding possible solutions but kept getting tripped up by the corners not allowing the flexibility that they needed. That’s when Logan got the idea to try making them in an L-shape and combine them with two pre-made corners.

The team decided to examine existing curbs that CentiMark had in its warehouse to see if the idea would be viable. After trying a different few configurations, it seemed like manufacturing the curb in the two L-shapes would work. By not having the curb dictate the distance between the corners, it would give the crew enough wiggle room to adjust the curb to ensure a good fit.

Logan took their suggestions back to the plant and the Acme Cone team made the curbs in the new two-piece, L-shaped style. The new style would pair the two L-shaped pieces with two corners for a watertight fit every time.

In addition to the effort spent brainstorming a new solution with the Boise CentiMark team, Acme Cone Company took service to a whole new level by foregoing conventional shipping methods that wouldn’t get the product there in time for the project to meet its deadline. Because of the tight timing, Logan decided to put the pallet of curbs wraps and corners in his own truck and drove from Oregon to Idaho to deliver the product to the job foreman at 4:30 a.m. in the morning so he could take it with him to the jobsite.

Feedback on the new style curb flashing was extremely positive. The fit was no longer an issue given the flexibility they now had with being able to adjust the corner positioning. The CentiMark team was able to complete the flashing and finish the project on time.

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