Let’s Talk About Reviews


By Surefire Local.

If there’s one thing to be said about marketing and business in general, it’s that you always want to be in tune with your customers.

We take that to heart here at Surefire and it’s why we’re constantly reaching out to our customers to ask for their opinions and feedback. Lately, our conversations have been focused on what we predict will be the most important digital trends to keep an eye heading into 2019 and what homeowners will be paying the most attention to online.

Well, new data shows that review quantity is having more of an impact on building trust amongst homeowners than review quality. This is actually something we’ve been aware of for some time…and recently worked with one of our customers to increase their number of online reviews from 5 to 56 within 3 months using the Surefire Local Marketing Cloud.

Having a plan and process in place for acquiring more online reviews is important. Only a few companies that we work with had a reviews and ratings marketing plan in place before turning to us! Crazy, right?

So that begs the question…do you have a reviews and ratings plan in place at your company? Do you empower your crews to get reviews while out in the field visiting with visiting clients? We want to help! If you’d like to learn more and get help implementing a process that actually works, we would love to set up a time to chat. You can get a meeting on the calendar or give us a call at 571.327.3391. We might just have some new ideas for you try!

BTW, are you interested in connecting with more homeowners online in your local neighborhoods? I recommend you check out this free contractor training webinar on viral marketing. We’re lucky to have gotten such a rockstar speaker in Angel Djambazov. He’s been named as a Top 100 Most Influential Marketer and has some exciting tips to share with you to make your content get noticed and your business stand out!

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