Let it Snow!



As winter weather officially sets in, reports of snow and ice storms appear in the news on a more regular basis.

Thanks to our friends at MCA, you will be well prepared this winter. MCA has released a technical bulletin concerning snow retention and the proper design and use of snow retention devices when a metal roof is involved called Qualifying Snow Retention Systems for Metal Roofing.

Here is an except from the Technical BulletinMetal roofs provide durable, long-term solutions and have been preferred by many for use in challenging northern and alpine climates where snow and its migration on and from the rooftop is a normal occurrence. Such climates can pose unique challenges for any roof. Pitched roofs of a material that has a slippery surface can pose sliding snow and ice hazards below eaves. In many instances, snow retention systems are installed on these roof types in order to reduce the risk of sudden rooftop avalanche and mitigate the hazards present in the discharge areas below the eaves.

Snowpack, or the buildup of snow and ice, on any roof can produce significant sliding forces. Sudden release from a rooftop can dump many tons of snow below the eaves in a matter of seconds, endangering building elements, landscape, vehicles and pedestrians. In this sense, the use of snow retention devices and systems should be considered as nothing less than a life-safety issue.

Although there is no harmonized standard for the design and testing of snow retention systems, these systems can (and should) be prudently tested, engineered, designed and proven to resist the forces induced by the snowpack on a site-specific and roof-specific basis.

The Metal Construction Association is an organization of manufacturers and suppliers whose metal products are used in structures throughout the world. Since it was formed in 1983, MCA has focused on one key strategy – to promote the use of metal in the building envelope through marketing, education, and action on public policies that affect metal’s use.


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