Join JobNimbus this fall for their first-ever Solution Summit


The event is scheduled for October 22-23, 2018 in Austin, Texas.

The Solution Summit will have tracks for beginner, intermediate, and pro-JobNimbus users. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been leveraging JobNimbus for years, you will be able to learn several new things that you can take back to help maximize your workflow and grow your business.

JobNimbus is roofing software made easy, efficient, mobile and affordable. Lead tracking, scheduling, estimating, work orders and more done in your office or mobile.

With a proven design and state-of-the-art technology, JobNimbus is built to be the simplest and fastest of its kind.

Special guest presenters include:

  • Randy Brothers, Owner, Elite Roofing – Randy is the founder and head of Elite Roofing, a full service roofing & restoration company and industry leader in Colorado with their outstanding customer service and innovative products and services.
  • Danny Ker, Breakthrough Academy – After owning a franchise painting company and growing sales from $400k to $1.3m in one year, Danny began Breakthrough academy way to open horizons for all trades business owners seeking guidance.

Get tickets today for an Early bird Discount (save $50 through September 10)


One lucky early bird attendee is getting into JNSS for free!

Everyone that buys tickets to the JobNimbus Solution Summit before September 14, 2018, gets a $50 discount. However, one early bird ticket buyer is getting a surprise—a full refund of their ticket purchase!*

On September 15, 2018, one discounted ticket purchaser will be drawn from all early bird sales and will receive a full refund of their ticket purchase. How’s that for early bird gets the worm?

So, act fast! You only have until September 15, 2018, to get in on the discount to the biggest JobNimbus event ever offered—and on a chance to get in for free!

*only valid for one (1) JobNimbus Solution Summit ticket refund. Where multiple tickets were purchased, only one (1) JNSS ticket refund will be given for the cost of the highest valued ticket. Refund is equal to the discounted price paid for the ticket—not the full value ticket price. All JobNimbus employees, partners or affiliates are ineligible to participate. Offer is subject change without notice

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