Introducing Eliminailer-T – A Better, Faster, Stronger Edge Solution


Eliminailer-T provides a high-performance alternative to wood nailers that could conceivably change how roofs are forever constructed.

Waukesha, WI – Metal-Era, Inc., North America’s leader in commercial roof edge and roof ventilation solutions, announces the release of a smart, fast, strong alternative to wood nailers – Eliminailer-T. Eliminailer-T is a heavy gauge aluminum extrusion that gets installed directly onto the building substrate and supports increased long-term structural and thermal performance.

More than half of recorded roof failures are attributed to the roof’s perimeter. Since 1980, Metal-Era has been addressing this issue with products that can withstand severe weather conditions and are engineered to exceed the latest code requirements. However, wood nailers that have rotted, were improperly installed, or were infested with insects continued to be a problem for building owners. Metal-Era knew there had to be a better option.

“Wood is an organic material that starts its deterioration process the minute it is cut down. Pressure treated lumber introduces chemicals that can be corrosive. It’s a decision between a lesser of two risks,” says Scott Kittilstad, Vice President of Engineering. “We wanted to remove wood from the equation and provide an alternative that could perform and protect as well as our lineup of high performance roof edge products.”

Eliminailer-T is tested and meets requirements for FM 1-49. An independent ANSI/SPRIK/FM 4435/ES-1 test at FM resulted in Eliminailer-T being able to withstand greater than 999 PSF at the corner region. As a result, Metal-Era supports Eliminailer-T with an unmatched 215 MPH Wind Warranty. Beyond being structurally strong, Eliminailer-T is also fast, installing up to 60% quicker than wood nailers, and providing thermal benefits to the building that contribute to an improved system R-Value at the edge, up to 35%.

“We set out to solve the problem with nailer failures, and what resulted was a product that does so much more,” says Brad Van Dam, Vice President of Sales. “Eliminailer-T is truly the next generation in roof edge systems. It provides the structural support that has been lacking, but also provides efficiencies to installation that addresses labor constraints while improving the thermal performance by now allowing insulation to be installed directly to the edge of the roof. And if that wasn’t enough, we are providing an unmatched Lifetime Limited 215 MPH Wind Warranty for added assurance.”

Eliminailer-T is currently available in four sizes to meet the majority of reroof and new construction projects and can be shipped next day. Additional sizes are in development to further fulfill building requirements and an even broader scope of application scenarios, planned to be available in the coming months.

Providing long-term structural and thermal performance, quick and easy installation, and an unmatched warranty in the industry, Eliminailer-T provides a high-performance alternative that could conceivably change how roofs are forever constructed.

About Metal-Era, Inc.

Metal-Era, Inc. is North America’s largest provider of pre-manufactured metal edge products and also offers one the industry’s best tested sloped roof ventilation systems. Celebrating 37 years of unequaled service in the industry and continued focus on their core strengths, Metal-Era provides engineered roof edge and roof ventilation systems designed to meet the roofing industry’s strictest standards. Known for their SPEQ promise of speed, protection, expertise and quality, Metal-Era fabricates tested, high-performance products that are simple to install. Their nationwide network of experienced employees, representatives and distributors are committed to providing superior products and personalized service.

Metal-Era, Inc. is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) through the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). For more information about Metal-Era, visit

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