Internet Quizzes Have Created Awareness and Web Traffic for this Company


By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.

The Internet loves quizzes. Here is how one company is using them to attract visitors and create brand awareness.

Quizzes are one type of interactive content that we see every day in social media and on websites. You might have taken a quiz to find out ‘What Superhero are You?’ or ‘Can you Guess the Names of These 90s Songs Based on the First Line?’ We love a challenge and discovering that we answered a question correctly or perhaps learned something new.

Nearmap, a provider of aerial maps and high-resolution aerial imagery and also an advertiser at the Coffee Shop, recently decided to use its imagery to create some fun, interactive quizzes.  To find out more about the quizzes and just what goes into creating one of them, I spoke with Sara Volpatti, marketing manager at Nearmap.

“We’ve done a bridges quiz, a golf quiz and football stadium quiz along with a few others,” Sara said. “We are in the process of doing one for the top spots in the US. We’ve had such a great response to them, but they do take a lot of time to make.”

There’s more to creating a quiz than just coming up with a topic and some questions. Sara explained the work behind it using their NFL football stadium quiz as an example. Her process starts by finding a timely topic – in this case the quiz came out in the middle of football season. She didn’t just pick the stadiums at random either. Because her goal is to get as much exposure as possible for her company, she started with research to see which NFL teams had the most social media followers. Once she determined that, she had to pull the photos of their stadiums and then edit them to be the proper size for the third-party quiz platform that powers the game.

Next, she researched facts about the teams to create the multiple-choice questions that users have to answer. Once the quiz is approved internally it gets published onto the Nearmap blog and Sara begins sharing it on social media. Here is where the NFL social media accounts with the most followers come into play. When she posts the quiz, she tags the NFL team account in the post. They often will retweet or share the post which means all of those thousands and thousands of followers will see the quiz and have the option to visit Nearmap’s website to play.

“We usually see engagement from the other accounts sharing with their followers,” explained Sara. “On our bridges quiz, the Golden Gate Bridge account tweeted at us and a golf publication retweeted our golf quiz.”

Try out some of their quizzes at the links below:

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