Innovative Roof Cover System from Stormseal


For the first time ever, roofers, builders and insurers in the US have access to the Australian wild weather protection system that gives lasting security to homeowners.

Stormseal heat shrink wraps damaged roofs or walls in a patented wind, rain and hail resistant polyethylene film, protecting buildings from further damage until permanent repairs are made.

Do it once, Do it right

Months after Hurricane Irma, many buildings in Florida still suffer ongoing damage under tarpaulins that just aren’t up to the job of secure makesafe protection. Tarps frequently require replacement, because they leak, tear, blow off, or collapse under the weight of pooling rainwater. Stormseal is purpose built, water tight, weather-proof and can be in place up to 12 months with no adjustments needed during use.

Easy to work with

Stormseal deploys instantly making it quicker for contractors. The product is faster, cheaper and easier to install than tarps. Lengths of sheets are cut and tailored at the worksite and heat cured to increase strength. They fit snugly to the structure without damaging underlying materials. Stormseal film will shrink to protect any type of roof structure and is fixed at the perimeter unlike tarpaulins which require multiple fixings.

Comprehensive training

Stormseal is not just a new technology, it’s also a comprehensive accredited training program for contractors who have working from heights clearance. First-class equipment is provided for trainees to use and after the accreditation training program, access is granted to an online portal for ordering products which are manufactured and distributed in the US.

What are you waiting for?

Stormseal is proud to partner with ENSA and Optimum Training, the leading Work at Height & Rope Access company in Texas working nationwide. Optimum strictly complies with, and often exceeds, the industry requirements for safety, quality, training, and work practices. Stormseal Accreditation is currently offered in Amarillo, Texas and Winter Park, Florida.

Learn more about getting accreditation.

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