Ice dams: How can they be prevented or managed?


By Gutter Helmet®.

Icicles forming on roofs and gutters during winter may be pretty to look at, but they can be troublesome.

The conditions that make ice dams possible can also indicate existing ice dams. Read on as one of the leading gutter guard companies, Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore explains why these formations can cause serious damage to your customer’s homes.

How ice dams form

Ice dams are a common winter problem that happens when there is poor ventilation on the roof and in the attic. It starts when heat collects in the attic and warms the roof. As snow lands on the roof, it melts on the warm part and freezes on the cold part. This process continues until a thick, solid ridge of ice forms along the eaves. The meltwater backs up behind the formation, making its way to the inner layers of the roof and into the insulated parts of the attic.

Ignoring this can compromise the gutters, roof, siding and insulation. Since meltwater backs up, it cannot be drained off the roof into the gutter system. The weight of the ice can also damage the gutters and shingles.

Solutions for preventing or managing ice dams

Before the harsh cold of winter sets in, you should help your customers prepare their homes to get ahead of ice dams. One way to do so is to promote ventilation under the roof deck. It will help keep the heat out of the attic. Adding the right amount of insulation is needed to prevent heat coming from the living space from warming the attic. Sealing air leaks is just as important in this regard.

Encourage your customers. before the first snow falls, to have you clean their gutters. This will let melted snow flow down to the gutters and to the downspouts. You can equip them with heating cables to ensure stable temperatures on the areas of the roof during winter. This can be done using the Helmet Heat® system, which can be installed together with the Gutter Helmet gutter covers. It is energy-efficient and generates heat when needed.

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