Hump Day Headlines: New Algorithms and Clickbait Crackdown


By Art Unlimited.

We are going to be talking about three pretty interesting topics! Bing: their changed algorithm, then Facebook and how they’re cracking down on clickbait, and then also Amazon and some of the changes for e-commerce as we look forward to the holiday season.

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Better Bing Indexing

So we referenced that Bing is making some changes, and you might say, “Well, I don’t really care because Google’s the king.” But Bing actually feeds a lot of different content into different platforms and devices that we engage with on a daily basis.

So one of the major flaws in their algorithm and how they index websites was they didn’t have the ability to crawl and index fresh content. So once your website’s sitemap was submitted, they didn’t go out and accurately find that new content.

And that’s a pretty big deal, especially for bloggers, that their content wasn’t properly being indexed and shared on Bing platform–Bing’s platform. It’s a big change, and I think it’s gonna help a lot of our clients’ websites and maybe yours as well.

You Won’t Believe What This New Facebook Change Means

What happens next will shock you. 😂

Facebook is now saying, “Hey, if you’re throwing out clickbait on your ads, we want to crack down on that.” Facebook is recognizing that there are a lot of bogus ads out there, and people are withholding information and just trying to get you to click to another page.

So basically, what Facebook is really trying to break apart is when you have an ad that promotes one thing, and then the landing page is something completely different. They are de-ranking and flagging a bunch of those typical clickbait slogans, like, “Click this to find more,” “You won’t believe what happened after this.”

That’s what they’re just really trying to work on is just getting rid of and purging your newsfeed of all the things that are not legitimate. And we know Google is making a lot of changes there as well; creating a really strong user experience, so it’s great to see Facebook is doing the same thing.

There’s No Place Like Amazon for the Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner, and people are starting to look at shopping for Christmas gifts, and so as we look at trends, it’s predicted that two out of three individuals will use Amazon for some of their gift purchases.

So, if you are selling online, just be aware that if you are selling online, your online listings on Amazon better be well -optimized or look at an ad campaign on Amazon.

If you’re selling on other platforms such as Google and/or Facebook, you’re also going to want to make sure those ad strategies are well-optimized, because Amazon, it looks like, is going to gobble the competition this year.

So, anyways, as the holiday season heats up, we probably will be talking more about that, but I thought that was a pretty significant swing in the trend as far as Amazon starting to really take over.

Thank you so much for joining us on this week’s edition of Hump Day Headlines!

We’ll see you back here next week. If you have any questions in the meantime, reach out to us on the Art Unlimited website; we’d love to hear from you!

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