Help Your Customers Understand Why Their Roof Might Need to be Replaced


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Failure to understand when roof replacement is needed can cause damage or injury.

The roof on your customers’ homes or offices incurs damage from many sources such as rain, heat, snow weight, strong winds, etc. This often weakens the roof and requires replacement. There are a number of signs that may indicate when the time for a roof replacement has come.

Most homeowners and office owners are unaware of these signs and neglect the problem. The results can be catastrophic. If they own an office or a home, the roof could collapse and cause injury or even death to workers or residents in the home.

When educating your customers as to why a roof replacement may be called for ask them to consider the following:

Signs of Aging Shingles or Materials

Roof materials cannot last forever. After a while, your customer will see some fading of the shingles or any other roofing material that you have used. For example, with a shingle roof your customer may see shingles breaking over time, water leakage, cracking on the roof, etc.

Your customer needs to keep track of the time the latest roof was installed or any other work done, and to be aware of the life expectancy of their roof.

Roof Valleys

Melting snow and rainwater is routed to the gutter system through the roof valley, to protect the integrity of the structure from water damage. Over time your customer may see these valleys crack and fail to divert water to the gutters, resulting in significant damage. Like roofing materials, these valleys deteriorate over time and may indicate the need for whole roof replacement.

Increase Home Value

Replacing your roof can give your customers’ homes or buildings a new look, that will boost their home value. Re-roofing can help them increase the selling price of your house with a very high return on investment.

Granules Are a Bad Sign

Granules are the result of roof shingles crumbling. The granules can be founded in the gutters which meet the roof valleys. Darker or irregular color of the roof shingles also indicates the granulation of the shingles. This will eventually create problems such as roof leakage and will require a roof replacement.

Leakage and Cracks

As roofing ages, leaks and cracks may proliferate, and can also accelerate granulation. While temporary repairs may work for a short period of time, more permanent solutions such as underlayment and membranes will offer a much more long lasting and less problem-prone roof.

Underlayment: Underlayment is commonly used in shingle roofs, tile roofs, and metal roofs. Unfortunately, commonly used underlayments such as paper felts fail after time. However, technology has perfected much more long-lasting solutions. Layfast SBS is a technology that is not only compatible with shingle roofs but is also compatible with tile roofs. It uses modified bitumen that prevents any damage to the roof even in the harshest weather conditions and last a long time, and includes a 30-year warranty to the user.

Membrane: The membrane is commonly used on flat roofs to prevent any penetration. There are many membrane materials such as rubber sheets and tar roofing sheets that can wear out over time. Metaflex SBS is an elastomeric membrane that delivers longer roof longevity. It is available in standard and colored aluminum with exceptional reflectivity and weather durability. If your customer has a flat roof, then Metaflax SBS can be a long-term solution for their roof replacement.

These are some of the long-lasting roofing solutions that can help your customers in re-roofing their home or place of business. This can help them avoid future re-roofing projects for a long time because of the durability and strength of these materials. They come with a 30-year warranty to guarantee the durability of the roof. Your customers should be educated as to the advantages of these materials for re-roofing for a longtime sustainability of the roof.

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