Growth is Possible When You Have the Right Support


RCS Influencer Mike Pickel says that he is putting the foundation in place to support the growth they want to achieve in 2019.

We are now in our fifth year of business and expect for 2019 to be a year of growth. We’re taking several steps now that will support and drive that growth.

Putting infrastructure in place. The first step is infrastructure. We just moved this month into a larger office to accommodate our expanding team. It’s important for us to provide a comfortable working space for our team of roof advisors and other office personnel.

Implementing Technology. We will be using more technology in 2019. Our team not only needs the space to do their jobs comfortably, but they need the right equipment and tools as well. We recently implemented JobNimbus and are rolling that out to the team this first quarter.

Investing in marketing. The central Texas market is a very competitive market and it takes a lot of effort to be in front of potential clients who are searching for contractors online. We’ve secured a group to refresh and redesign our website to help improve our local search engine optimization and that is in process right now. We’ve been investing in Google AdWords and have now begun working with a company that can take what we’ve done previously and build on that to deliver even better results and more leads.

Expansion of commercial work. We’ve built some good relationships over the past few years and have been seeing a steady increase in the amount of commercial work that we have been doing. One of the things we want to do is secure more service and maintenance contracts with a focus on both previous and new customers. We’ve put together a dedicated commercial crew and expect to see more commercial growth in 2019.

Of course, we couldn’t achieve any of these things without the support of our employees. We will continue to put them first and make sure they have what they need in terms or training, safety equipment, technology and anything else they need to be successful in their positions here.

Mike Pickel is co-founder of Texas Traditions Roofing. See his full bio here.

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