Focus on the Craft and not the Paperwork


The Go Roof Tune Up model allows contractors to do what they love – work on roofs and forget about the paperwork.

When you start a business, there is administration, paperwork, billing, marketing and more that come with it. This sometimes deters contractors from starting their own business – the back-office work can be frustrating and not very fulfilling.

That’s where Go Roof Tune Up comes into play. They have developed a unique system that allows contractors to be their own boss and simply go out every day to work on the roof. In a recent webinar, Go Roof Tune Up founder Marty Stout talked with Heidi Ellsworth about how it works. Below is an excerpt from their conversation, or you can listen to the recorded webinar here.

Heidi: I would love it if you would share with the audience how does it work?

Marty: We find roofers in specific markets that we think are good markets, and we connect up with roofers that are good quality contractors, and we create a marketing plan with their input, we create a marketing plan that works for that area, and we work together with our marketing people and with them to figure out whether radio is the best way or internet or email campaigns or door-to-door campaigns. Whatever the best way to generate business in any given market is, we set that up, and then as the leads come in, we set up the appointment. The roofer goes out and does the inspection, makes an appraisal of the job, does the report, works up the price. He has the opportunity to sell the job right then.

We encourage the contractor to sell the job. We in turn then give him a work order. We buy the material, he does the job, and we pay him. After that process goes through, we collect the money from the client, and in all of that because he’s working with us, we cover the general liability insurance. He’s not required to have any general liability for us, and we support the entire back office process, and we provide a five-year warranty on all of our work, and we back the roofer up for that five-year warranty.

Heidi: Wow. Marty that is amazing, and we hear every day about how much there’s a need for service work in the market! For the contractors who are out there thinking about this model, can they have their own business and work for Go Roof Tune Up? How does that work?

Marty: We also encourage our contractors to have other work that they do. Certainly, we want them to honor the work that we’ve given them and live to the schedule that we have mutually agreed on. But if they have work outside of our contract, we encourage that. We help them to grow their business. That’s what it’s all about. Some of our guys who have been with us for a while recognize the value of the program that we have, and the back-office support that we give, and they sell work, and they bring it in to Go Roof Tune Up.

We don’t necessarily require that, but it works well for them because they, once again, don’t have to have any kind of back office support. It all comes from us.

Contractors finally have a solution that allows them to do the work they love, without having to worry about advertising and marketing, invoicing and collection or even general liability insurance. Go Roof Tune Up specializes in roof repair, roof maintenance and re-roofs only when necessary. Learn more at

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