Fall Inspections make for great seasonal year-over-year revenue.


Wil-Mar Pipe Collars offer a perfect fall maintenance checkup.

Many of the repairs that roofing professionals perform on residential and commercial buildings are needed because of water leaks. Leaks often occur after cracks or holes have developed underneath exterior roofing materials. When this happens, extensive water damage can follow if the holes and cracks are not repaired in a timely manner. Communicating this effectively to homeowners can mean year-over-year business in fall roof inspections.

Flashings around chimneys, skylights and vents can be checked yearly to keep moisture from entering these vulnerable areas. If the flashing is rusted or has begun to lift off the roof structure, it is an opportunity for repair while saving homeowners headaches in the middle of winter. Otherwise, these areas will begin to leak, and more costly repairs may be needed.  Checking the pipe collars can help prevent the leaks before freeze thaw takes its toll.

In addition to neglecting their flashing, many homeowners underestimate the importance of their rain gutters. The gutter system ensures that water flows properly off of and away from the home. It’s very important that all gutter components are installed correctly and secured firmly on the property. It’s also important for homeowners to clean out their gutters at least twice a year to prevent debris from causing water to back up and get under the shingles. Another great opportunity for roofing contractors to gain additional seasonal work.

Again, Pipes and pipe collars are among the list of other materials homeowners should keep their eye on to prevent leaks. If the materials are worn, they may need to be reinstalled to ensure that the roof is properly sealed. The wood underneath these fixtures may be soft and can begin to rot if moisture has leaked through. In severe cases, damage beginning at these areas can lead to a total roof replacement.

Scheduling routine roof inspections is one of the most important preventatives measures a homeowner can take and a great business model for roofing contractors. Inspections can identify areas that may be vulnerable to leaks and help homeowners address minor issues before they lead to costly damage.

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