Don’t think asphalt roofs can be beautiful?


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BRONZE: Everett Victorian Certified Incorporated Laurel, MD

Formerly known as Phelps Mansion, this historic Victorian was built in 1888 by Edward Phelps, who was the first mayor of Laurel, MD. During his 7 terms in office from 18951902, he was responsible for bringing electric street lights, brick-paved roads, a telephone system and a railroad that connected Laurel to Washington, D.C. During renovation, CertainTeed Highland Slate was chosen primarily because it imitated natural slate, which was a period material for this historic home, and it was significantly cheaper than any slate or synthetic roofing product. It was also one of the few products that the local historic commission would approve for this home in order to meet their stringent guidelines. Unlike other slate options, this asphalt product was easy to work with and provided a safer working environment. As noted in the pictures, this asphalt roofing product works great on historic buildings that are trying to replicate an original look and feel. Ceritified Incorporated highly recommends using this asphalt roofing product to other contractors working on historic restoration projects.

SILVER: Publix #1382 Advanced Roofing, Inc. Miami, FL

Publix Super Market, one of the top 10 largest supermarket chains in the U.S. with over 165,000 employees, trusts their roofing specification to a composite built up/modified bitumen system. Advanced Roofing is one of Publix’s preferred roofers and has installed asphaltic roofing systems for the company since 1996.

Publix chose asphaltic roofing because they believe it’s the best system to keep their products dry and customers safe. They weren’t comfortable with a single ply of protection, instead they preferred the redundancy of asphalt. Store 1382 in Miami, included a metal deck, 2 layers of ISO installed in accordance with FM Global requirements, a GAFGLAS® Stratavent® Eliminator™ Perforated venting base sheet, 3 plies of FlexPly ® 6 and a GAF PRF SBS FR Modified bitumen cap sheet. It was finished with an ENERGY STAR® rated coating that not only made the roof look great but also helped reduce energy costs and fight global warming.

Advanced Roofing recommends the use of asphaltic roofing to any professional looking for a bulletproof roof. It not only provides multilayer protection, but has a 100+ year track record, waterproofing and adhesion characteristics.

GOLD: Doral City Hall Precision Roofing Corp. Doral, FL

Government buildings are under tight scrutiny to not only protect assets, reduce cost and assure longevity, but also respond to the ever-growing need for installing energy-efficient roof systems. Doral City Hall is the perfect example of how asphaltic roofing does it all. The system consisted of multiple roof areas, including lightweight insulating concrete that used a nailable venting base sheet, 3 plies of premium glass ply, and an energy-efficient cap sheet that exceeded the reflectance requirements of ENERGY STAR®, Title 24 and the Miami 21 Initiative. Another roofing area was built over structural concrete. This system incorporated the use of GAF GAFGLAS® Stratavent® Eliminator™ venting base sheet directly over ISO insulation, which also helped reduce the overall cost of the project by eliminating the need for an overlay board and a mopping of asphalt because Precision Roofing Corp. could simultaneously attach the base and first interply. Because the architect specified a roof that would last, Precision believed in the durability and reliability of this redundant system. Using innovative asphaltic roofing products like the highly-reflective EnergyCap® BUR cap sheet, they were able to meet high reflectance and stringent code ratings.

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