Don’t Fall Victim to Roofing Safety Violations


By Tremco Roofing and Waterproofing.

It’s a sad reality that people working on a roof often walk a fine line between productivity and regard for their personal safety.

But that’s how accidents can quickly become tragedies.

Without proper fall protection equipment, what would normally be a minor slip up or misstep on the ground can quickly lead to a disaster for someone who’s absorbed in their job on a roof?

Don’t Leave Safety to Chance

Fall protection violations are the #1 cause of OSHA citations for the fourth consecutive year. U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics show that falls account for 76 percent of fatalities in the roofing industry. Further, roofing workers are three times more likely to be fatally injured on the job than other construction workers.

This doesn’t even count non-fatal injuries.

Rooftop safety is in the spotlight today like never before. Between increasing OSHA inspections and changes to OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910 Occupational Safety & Health Standards, mitigating the risk of rooftop falls has never been more critical.

Evaluate Your Roof with Tremco Roofing’s Safety Checklist

Tremco Roofing’s printable roof safety checklist provides an overview of what to look for when evaluating your roof’s compliance with OSHA safety standards. We cover crucial issues, such as:

  • Structural deficiencies visible from the roof or deck underside
  • Access to the roof
  • Unprotected edges, walkways or openings
  • Risk of falling tools or equipment
  • Presence of communication protocols

Ensuring your roofing practices comply with OSHA regulations will protect people from falls while accessing exterior levels of a facility; traversing roof areas with openings, hazards or exposed edges; and using rooftop equipment near a roof’s edge.

You’re not only making the safety of your workers a top priority – you’re keeping your organization from becoming another OSHA statistic.

Learn more about Tremco’s commitment to safety.


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