Do Your Asphalt Jobs Stack Up to the Level of These Award Winners?


Asphalt roofing products have been used as a beautiful, reliable and affordable roofing option for years and years.

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GOLD – Thomas Jefferson High School, Denver, Colorado; D&D Roofing

A school’s roof must be able to provide long-lasting durability and high-performance that will protect students, staff and equipment from harsh weather while still meeting a school district’s budget. After decades of enduring the hot sun, freezing snow storms, heavy wind and hail, the roof of Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, Colorado, had been compromised and was at risk of leaking. The Denver Public Schools district chose low-slope asphalt roofing to deliver the protection required while meeting energy-efficiency standards and low-maintenance cost requirements. The district relied on a BUR system to protect the school and save money. “BUR is a premium product offering an unsurpassed level of security that is needed with Colorado’s intense weather, especially the hail,” said Michael Butler, project manager for Denver Public Schools. The new roofing system incorporated a Johns Manville GLASPLY® Premier Type VI base sheet and Perlite Cover Board, two layers of ENRGY 3® insulation and four plies of GLASPLY® Premier Type VI felt. Due to asphalt roofing’s ease of installation and reliability, D&D Roofing was able to meet the project deadline and provide the school district with peace of mind knowing their building is protected by multiple layers of water-resistant technology.

SILVER – The Grand Lodge at Deer Valley, Park City, Utah, Ironclad Exteriors, Inc.

The Grand Lodge at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah, which sits at an elevation of 9,000 feet, was originally roofed with concrete tile. The building was losing a tremendous amount of heat through the roof, causing snow to melt and refreeze on the eaves. Residents were regularly disrupted by the heavy equipment that was being used to cut through the ice that formed atop the five-story building. IronClad Exteriors, Inc. was hired to install a new steep-slope asphalt shingle roof on the lodge. The contractor removed the concrete tiles and installed CertainTeed FlintBoard™ ISO NB Composite Polyisocyanurate/OSB Roof Insulation. Next a fascia board was installed, followed by a WinterGuard® HT advanced waterproofing underlayment and DiamondDeck® High Performance Synthetic Underlayment. The final and visible layer consisted of the Presidential Shake™ shingle product. IronClad Exteriors, Inc. chose asphalt shingles for their beautiful aesthetics and long-term durability.

BRONZE – Rosenthal Residence, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Tom Goldston Roofing

This beautiful home in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, was purchased by the homeowners in January of 2014.  The original roof consisted of a beautiful wooden shake that the homeowners loved the look of. Since the home is located in a heavily-wooded area, the couple worried about the roof catching fire. They hired Tom Goldston Roofing to install a fire-resistant roofing system that would resemble the look of the original shake material. The roofing contractor chose PABCO Paramount Advantage® Oakwood Signature Cut asphalt shingles that at 495 pounds per square provided the thickness and color that the homeowners desired while meeting their fire-performance requirements.  The homeowners love the look that their new roof gives their home and can now rest assured that their property is protected by fire-resistant asphalt shingles.

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