Do you have an asphalt installation that is worthy of recognition?


Don’t miss out on the chance for your project to be showcased by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association – the deadline is December 31.

Now is the time to get your 2018 submission into ARMA. Click here to enter your project(s) or visit before December 31, 2018. See the 2012 winners below.

GOLD: Deerfield Residence, Precise Roofing

The asphalt roofing system on this residential project located in Deerfield, Illinois, embodies the qualities that the program strives to recognize each year: beautiful, affordable and reliable. With the installation of a new, designer, double laminate shingle, it was the first of its kind to be used in the Chicago area. Installed on multiple roofing planes, attention to detail was paramount to the roof’s uniform appearance. The homeowner desired the aesthetic appeal of a slate roof without the high cost and expensive installation of slate. This new shingle is a departure from the traditional architectural shingle that we see so much of today, giving the home the unique curb appeal that the owner desired and making it the envy of the neighborhood.

SILVER: Seagoville Residence, Legends Roofing

Flexibility was key for this project. With the house’s unique dome shape, asphalt shingles were required for this roof’s triangular sections and dramatic slope. Heavier roofing materials like metal and slate would have proved too cumbersome for this tornado-prone area. Asphalt’s versatility is showcased on this house as the different sized roof planes are seemingly tailored with designer asphalt shingles in a classic burnt sienna color. Because of the dry, warm climate in Texas, the high fire-resistance rating of asphalt shingles made it the obvious choice over other roofing materials like wooden shake. A combination of unique design and practicality makes this project a success story for asphalt shingles.

BRONZE: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta – Miami Branch, Advanced Roofing, Inc.

The most expansive project in this year’s program, this 257,000-square-foot roof is covered with an asphaltic modified bitumen system. Because of Florida’s climate, including intense UV light and strong winds during hurricane season, an asphalt modified roof was the clear-cut choice for this building. Boasting 140-mph wind resistance and an energy efficient cap sheet, the owner can rely on the roofing component to be durable and that energy costs will be reduced over time. Affordability and ease of installation made asphalt the material of choice for this project.

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