Contractor Achieves Highest PRO4 Milestone, Awarded New Truck


C&K Roofing receives Dodge truck through success in IKO PRO4 Plus

 C&K Roofing, Northern Idaho’s premier roofing contractor, received a brand-new Dodge Ram 1500 truck through IKO’s PRO4 Plus promotion. C&K reached the highest milestone in PRO4 Plus, using at least 20,000 roofing squares, along with three of the four qualifying IKO PRO4 roofing components, in 2017.

“IKO gives us the ability to offer our clients a quality shingle and coordinating components from a single manufacturer. The level of consistency that comes with that is unbeatable. Being all in with IKO means outstanding customer service and a company we can depend on to deliver,” said Bob Castleton, C&K Roofing’s owner and president.

“C&K Roofing is known for their dedication to quality, customer service and attention to detail,” said Gary Bottler, IKO territory sales representative. “Since 1994, Bob Castleton and his crew have shown they’re prime examples of professional and courteous roofing experts at their best. Bob even took the PRO4 Plus achievement as an opportunity to recognize the outstanding performance of a veteran crew member by gifting him the Dodge truck.”

“C&K Roofing is respected among many of Idaho’s builders and homeowners for exceeding expectations, and providing quality above the rest,” said Keith Lowe, IKO’s vice president of sales, U.S. “We are pleased to award this truck and bonus as an acknowledgment to the C&K Roofing team for their loyalty to IKO products.”

PRO4 Plus continues into 2018, giving contractors more opportunity to receive rebates and bonuses based on the amount of PRO4 squares and components used over the course of the year. Watch this video to learn more about C&K Roofing’s team and PRO4 Plus Promotion success and click here to learn more about the PRO4 Plus Promotion.

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