Coat Up! The Waterproof Coating Used to Save, Protect, Reduce Waste, and Green-Enhance When Storm Damage Ravages Through 


In the roofing industry, waterproof coatings have become the way to protect against and restore storm damages, but roof restoration and repair knowledge is still being acquired.

By SureCoat.

Each contractor interviewed in our previous blog “Waterproofing Secrets from the Front Lines” keeps mentioning a product called SureCoat, but what exactly is that? And why should insurance companies and their customers care?

To start, SureCoat is a uniquely formulated marine liquid single-ply coating that has been proven, through a lot of field testing and installation evaluation, to be the only true waterproof liquid single-ply on the market that is renewable for the life of the property.

And boy, is that a lot of responsibility to take on in a market saturated by the “best of the best” in coatings.

Founder and formulator Jesse Martinson is a lifelong construction man and roofer who started in the industry at the auspicious age of 17. At one point, Jesse was purchasing roofing and waterproofing materials that just weren’t working. “I was liable for big, failed projects and even bigger money,” Martinson says. “I learned the hard way that big box companies have big departments telling you what a product will do. When it doesn’t live up to those expectations, they have even bigger departments to tell you what they’re going to do to fix it, which is usually nothing, so I found my own solution and formulated a product that I know would not fail.”

Harnessing the attributes of marine waterproofing materials while leveraging Jesse’s proven construction practices answered the need for coating failures, and with that, you have SureCoat Systems.

Martinson also sounds off on why insurance companies and their insured customers should care, saying, “If there’s an actual settlement when the adjuster comes in and says, hey this roof has to be torn off, there’s a full loss, it costs money for everybody. With us, there is no tear-off, no equipment disconnection, no trash being placed in the landfill, and no inconvenience to the tenant whatsoever. In turn, we’ve successfully saved money for both insurance companies and homeowners, because they are getting a tougher, more durable roof system. Once the SureCoat Roof System is applied to specification, we’ve seen those roofs go through further catastrophic events and be inspected afterward with no damage and no leaks, which means no further claims and no further repairs.”

And, as for that false sense of security Mike was talking about earlier when it comes to warranties? SureCoat System takes pride in having “the best warranty in the industry.” It has never had a claim for failed material in a system that was installed to specifications in company history. The team says that anyone who uses the product will fully understand what it offers and how to use it correctly, so they don’t even have to think about a warranty, but should they need it, the warranty offers confidence by what it does cover. The manufacturer’s written material warranties come in 10- to 20-year increments and even cover ponding water.

“When it comes down to the actual restoration and repairs,” Martinson says, “our contractors are the ones spending the time out in the field with customers educating them, doing reputable work, and building credibility with each and every job they do. All the SureCoat team and I did was show them how to install the product to specification and provide the product. Now, we have contractors like Mario, James, and Mike restoring, fixing, and repairing unique property challenges in different areas across the country. We take pride in our product and our contractor clientele, and we stand behind both, and in turn, we have built the culture and relationship to know they will always stand behind us, and that’s a pretty neat thing.”

Learn more about becoming a SureCoat Approved Contractor.

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