Can You Believe All the Cool Stuff That Happened?


By JobNimbus.

We’ve had a lot of cool stuff happen in our six years of helping you see success in your business, but 2018 had to be one of our favorites.

From new features and programs to new partners and integrations, 2019 is going to be HUGE.  Let’s take a look at some of the cool stuff that happened in 2018.

Held First of Its Kind Event

JobNimbus Solution Summit was a first of its kind event where customers and partners came together to learn new and better ways to use JobNimbus. We are incredibly grateful to all who attended and contributed. JobNimbus Solution Summit will be an annual event so stay tuned for details on the 2019 dates. We’re expecting double the attendance of last year as well as more updates and announcements about JobNimbus. See event recap.

Took Training to a Whole New Level

JobNimbus Services is a complete overhaul of JobNimbus’s previous training program as well as an expansion of those services. These will include a more robust training option for our customers and also go into implementation.  Get a strong start to 2019 with one of our training options. Get personalized training.

Mobile Update

We launched a HUGE mobile update that greatly improved the performance of our mobile app. We also added a few features, such as a new agenda view on the calendar, refreshed the task list, and made the contact list much more user-friendly. See all updates.

New Integrations

We had a lot of integrations go live this year. This includes HOVER, WePay Mobile, and Podium. We also announced integration with Beacon. Stay tuned for when that will be live.

What’s Coming?

There will be a lot of announcements and updates coming your way in 2019. To start…

We’ll be attending the International Roofing Expo in Nashville. We have something BIG happening so make sure to stop by our booth when you’re there.

We’re Ready to Start the Year Off with You! Learn more about JobNimbus.

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