Better is the Key Word for 2019


RCS Influencer Jon Stantz says that for 2019 his goal is to be better in satisfaction, safety and understanding costs.

My number one project for Pell Roofing this year is BETTER training and motivation! Not more, just better. We have good personnel, good facilities, and plenty of work. My main objective is really three-fold:

1 – Achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. I believe it is necessary to be precise in our work methods, to go the extra mile to finish in a timely manner and to engage our customers so we know their needs. As a supervisor, my role is to convey this to our foremen and their crews in a practical manner.

2 – SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY. The use of fall prevention tools are paramount in our industry. I need to take a better approach when instructing workers as to the benefits of good housekeeping on the jobsite, proper use of fall prevention, driving to worksite.

3 – Understanding costs. We have never included the crew members in our conversations about our daily costs of operations, the benefits of finishing a project early, and what it means to our bottom line when we have to go back because we didn’t get something right. None of us singly are perfect but as a team we should put our best foot forward.

Jon Stantz is a supervisor, salesperson and repairman for Pell Roofing and Siding in Brazil, Indiana. See his full bio here.


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