Beat the Clock with Duro-Last®


Beats Water, Wind, Sunlight…and the Clock – the Custom-Fabricated Advantage

The design and formulation of a Duro-Last® Roofing System helps it beat the elements. And it helps you beat the clock. Our factory-welded seams can eliminate most on-site seaming, reduce waste and errors, and dramatically cut installation time for rooftop crews. Proving that the “World’s Best Roof®” is good not only for building owners, but for roofing contractors like you.

The Duro-Last Difference

Duro-Last Roofing Systems offer decades of sound performance. As the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-fabricated, thermoplastic single-ply roofing systems, our comprehensive line of products provide Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky™ solutions that deliver long-term durability and watertight protection.

Custom-Fabricated Advantage

When you install a custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing System, up to 85% of the seams can be completed in our factory-controlled environment before the roofing system is delivered to the job site. By eliminating most of the on-site seaming, Duro-Last can dramatically reduce the potential for leaks — and add the advantages of a faster, quieter and easier installation, with less maintenance and reliable roof performance for years to come.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Duro-Last warranties provide unparalleled protection for commercial roofing applications. And we have a variety of different warranty options to meet your needs.

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