Association Memberships Can Be a Way for Your Business to Give Back While Learning at the Same Time 


RCS Influencer Charles Antis says that association memberships can help you form alliances with your clients.

Charles Antis is the founder and CEO of Antis Roofing. See his full bio here.


Video transcribed here:

Hi, it’s Charles Antis, with RoofersCoffeeShop, and this months question is associations.

Do you have relationship with the associations in your roofing company? And the answer for Antis Roofing is, absolutely yes.

I remember when 28 years ago when I bought my first affiliation with the NRCA. It wasn’t because I thought I was going to get anything. I just felt like, to be believed and to be trusted, I should have this badge, and this badge is going to cost me, I don’t know, a thousand dollars a year at the time. And that seemed like a good investment. And it was.

My mistake, looking back was, I didn’t dig in and find out how this affiliation could help me. But let’s go first. Do you have affiliations, not only in the roofing industry, like Western States Contracts Association, the National Roofing Contract Association, but also in the client base that we face?

We sell to condominiums and home owner associations, so we have affiliations with CAI, and CACM, California Association Community Managers, and different affiliates there. But we also have all sorts of best practices. So, today the relationships with these affiliates, not only establish alliance with our clients because it shows where we’re valued, and it shows them that we’re a trustworthy trying company. But we are also very involved in those organizations, and we donate our time and services and give back to the world that way.

And by giving back, we get so much more than we give. Enough though our intent and I didn’t, I couldn’t  of told you that five or six years ago before I was as involved as I am today. But in the National Roofing Contracts Association, and the CAI, and the teaching maintenance responsibilities to home owners and to board members.

We’re able to tell the people who we are and build trust. And now when clients come to Antes, they know that we’re all about doing the right thing, and so there is a trust level brought.

We also learn best practices from the best companies out there. And now our involvement’s gone so far that we’re in involved with dozens of non-profit boards, and we really hang around the best people. I heard something the other day that I think is absolutely true. You are an accumulation of the five people you hang around the most.

Join associations in your industry. Get involved. Join committees. And watch how your life gets better because you’re giving back and you’re learning practices and secrets from other organizations. People are opening up their coat and sharing with you what works the best because they know by sharing it they will be able to keep it. That’s where we’re at today because we are so tied in to so many associations. And on top of the affiliations with the industries that we, that we’re in, we are tied in to another 20 non-profits where we donate on committees and boards are our experience, strength, and hope for our area.

So, I hope that helps on this month’s question. See you next month. Bye.

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