Are you Tired of Low-Bid Scenarios?


The Center for Procurement Excellence is too and wants to help change that.

The Center for Procurement Excellence (CPE) is a non-profit, member-based organization focused on the support, education and certification of optimized solicitation practices that emphasize speed, minimizing protests and attracting high performing proponents. They provide training and certification for procurement professionals, RFP templates and standards, and a venue for procurement professionals to network and advance procedures, processes, and systems.

The CPE Conference is set to be held in Los Angeles March 13-14, 2019. This event will present cutting edge, research-based RFP procurement expertise from leading subject matter experts. Attendees will also be privy to real world experiences from government and corporate representatives that are utilizing these new processes for their internal projects. Participants will have the option to receive their CPE Certification at the event.

CPE has developed the first and only certifications that are focused entirely on solicitation and procurement procedures. CPE offers two distinct certifications:

Certified Solicitation Professional™ (CPE™)

The Certified Solicitation Professional™ (CPE™) credential is designated for procurement and supply-chain professionals seeking to certify their understanding and knowledge of RFP/RFx solicitations and practices. A CPE™ credential verifies critical solicitation skillsets and increases credibility with internal clients and external vendors. This credential program complies with RFP Certification and Training requirements of many Public agencies. Learn more.

Best Value Professional™ (BVP™)

The Best Value Professional™ (BVP™) designation is the premier credential for professionals that have mastered the most advanced solicitation techniques. The BVP™ is a follow-up to the popular CPE™ credential and focuses on an individual’s ability to integrate best-value procurement techniques to procure and deliver the greatest value to their organization. The BVP™ credentialing process requires training, examination, and evidence of understanding through actual implementation assessments. This thorough evaluation process ensures both conceptual understanding and real-world application. Learn more.

Early bird pricing is available if you register before January 31. Learn more.

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